Carol Deptolla – new MJS dining critic

A friend and I were just talking about whether or not they’d be adding a replacement for Dennis Getto. Getto passed away last July.

Here is Deptolla’s introduction. This will give you a little more background.


  1. Dave Frank says:

    She sounds very knowledgeable. I am looking forward to what she has to say.

    This topic reminded me, I was wondering if anyone has tried the new Usami Moto on Bluemound? Is it any different or better than Monsoon?

  2. I haven’t. Monsoon was awful! I hope the new one is improved.

  3. Dave Frank says:

    Agreed. It was a poor imitation of P.F. Chang’s.

  4. Lucky Lady says:

    We’ve tried Usami Moto and are optimistic. We were disappointed with Monsoon and keep hoping a non-chain place will click. Our server was very anxious to please and our selections were very good. Of course, we’ll have to give it another visit to see if we were just lucky the first visit.

  5. kathleenm says:

    Quite interesting.

    Carol Deptolla was a copy editor, and wrote a column every other week in the Entree section of the Journal Sentinel.

    I know she liked to cook and bake. She used to bring in desserts for the copy desk.

    Now, she’s replacing the irreplaceable Dennis Getto, and everyone know what she looks like, by virtue of her photo in the “Gatherings” column.

    Dennis went to great lengths to disguise himself.
    I edited many of his columns, especially his Top 30 and Fish Fry lists. He also was an expert in barbecue, which he generously provided to the copy desk.

    I wish Carol good luck. Her brother, Ralph, was at UW-Milwaukee with Bill and I, and was a spokesman for the telephone companies around town.

    Needless to say, we will never see the like of Dennis Getto again.

  6. I have a friend who says there’s a book in all of the restaurants Dennis didn’t get around to writing about.

    I didn’t know he used to somewhat disguise himself to do the visit.

  7. I’m curious how someone with “inside” info doesn’t know how to spell Ghetto’s name. I also wonder why people us “I” when they should use “me” so much these days. When I was young this never happened, and now it happens all the time. Is it an attempt by people to sound intelligent? My old pastor is a teacher and he does it all the time!

  8. BrkfldDad says:

    It’s spelled Getto!

  9. BrkfldDad says:

    and yes, it should have been Bill and me…

    Curious, anyone else go nuts at the grammar and spelling mistakes in the JournalSentinel, not to mention the graphics on WTMJ Channel 4? It drives me up the wall, and most of these folks have Journalism degrees!!!

  10. Spelling of his name is apparently common. Before I commented I typed in Dennis Ghetto on Google and got several reviews. St. Martins’ Inn was reviewed by him and they quote him on their website with his name misspelled. Could it be that they were reviewed by someone else?

    My point about the poor quality of education is proven by these journalism grads that can’t spell or use proper grammar. Of all people they would receive the most comprehensive education in these areas. I know, we don’t spend enough money on bricks and mortar, so how can we expect the students to learn to spill? LOL!

  11. My children spill very well.

  12. BrkfldDad says:

    Me, I wanted to grow up to be an engineer, now I are on!

  13. BrkfldDad says:

    whoops… one!

  14. Dave Frank says:

    Mispellers of the world UNTIE!!!!

  15. Me sure hopes your not making fun of the way me spell! Me wouldn’t be happy about that. Remember I when you think about it.

  16. BrkfldDad says:

    I think I am dyslexic, all this time I have been worshipping my dog!

  17. I have replaced the poorly spelled name with the proper one. I am terribly sorry El Gato for disappointing you. Again. Auto speller got the better of me.

  18. Anonymous says:

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  19. BrkfldDad says:

    Actually he was giving Kathryn a hard time for spelling it Getto, not you Cindy for the extra ‘h’, so he was wrong too!

  20. Not me; I was in on the spilling.

    The rscheearch is really cool!

  21. Cool, neat. I’m starting to sound like Newt Gingrich. Maybe it’s the Brookfield water.

  22. I was actually getting on Kathryn m! I accepted Cindy’s spelling and typed it in on Google and got results, so I thought Kathy was wrong. I later admitted the error of my wheys!

  23. As long as we’re all still humble…

  24. For Easter I’m gonna try to avoid the political junk!
    It only makes me crazy.