I forgot to introduce you to Damiano

Damiano was my seat mate on the plane home from London a couple of weeks ago. Although the cabin only held 76 passengers, neither of us moved after we started talking. He works for RSA Films (Ridley Scott’s company – think A Good Year to Blade Runner) and is really interested in the integration of film and technology. Damiano keeps a blog called Nitmesh.

Here’s something I found fascinating that he had on his Facebook page. It’s long, but if you like thinking of future technological applications, you’ll enjoy what Nokia has put together.


  1. Thanks Cindy for the link. You should check out the http://www.commoncraft.com and watch the explanation of twitter. Thought that might interest you and there’s other great web videos there too. Hope all is well and Austin was interesting. Full of bloggers, blogging in all the panel sessions.