Memory Lane

I love how music can zap you back into a memory. Evidently, another reader shares the same feeling. He sent a link to Old Forty-Fives. (How many of you young whippersnappers know about that little spindle adapter we used to play them?)

I’ve been meaning to buy Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass’ “A Taste of Honey“. That zaps me back to a happy childhood faster than homemade ice cream. I think I’ll spend some of my I-Tunes credits and get the album today.


  1. kathleenm says:

    You are so fun, girl. You take me back to the CYO dances of my youth, in the basements of the Catholic churches.

  2. Dang, if I still had those …

  3. The Lonely Bull will do it for me.


  4. My dad was a lover of music and when he died he had hundreds of albums and 8 tracks along with fine equipment. Jack Raymond (a radio DJ) used to call him for suggests on what to play. Of course he was into Big Band type of music of his day. When I was about 17 I would put Bill Haley and the Comets, and Gene Krupa 45s on the player and play them over and over until my day would say ” turn that ‘*#%@6&+’ off! He just didn’t know what was really good! Of course today I enjoy the big bands too.