I thought they said, “No thanks!”

Remember the letter that Molly Steffen sent out at the end of January?

Dear LEGACY members,

We are writing to let you know that Carver [Smith], Dea [Fotsch] and I will not be leading LEGACY for the April referendum for a variety of reasons. We are all willing to help and support the referendum in April, but are unable to take on the leadership role. We hope that LEGACY efforts will continue and we will provide any assistance to whomever wants to take on the charge.

While this referendum is less in dollars it will still take a team effort to get it passed. We believe that the public is more aware this time around and the campaign does not need to be as intense. However, the referendum will take place the Tuesday following spring break and we fear that without significant absentee balloting people may forget to vote. The biggest efforts should be made through phone calling and letters to the editor.

If you or someone you know is willing to take on the leadership of this great cause, please let us know. We will help get you started, and support you all the way to election day.


Molly Steffen

Two weeks to go and they register now? Sounds like a few contractors have money they want spent.


  1. Funny that flip-flops are occurring in our own little community. Could it be that they are worried about this not passing again? I’ve met way more “no” voters than “yes” voters among those without kids in school.

  2. BrkfldDad says:

    Maybe they saw that the Mayor came out in favor of the referendum and realized they better scramble to get organized and recover the votes he just cost them!

  3. Libby Wistrom says:

    LOL, BrkfldDad!!!