Mayor Jeff Speaker plans a fast one

Here’s a little sign he’s worried about the April 1 elections and how his buddies on the Common Council might fare. He’s asking for the approval of millions of dollars in borrowing a couple of months early – the meeting prior to election night to be exact.

There are a couple of Speaker’s controversial projects being approved for bonding Tuesday night, the widening of Calhoun Road and the new fire station on Calhoun. (Has it occurred to anyone else that the station will be built a year or two before the road will be finished? Or that the road is about double the original estimate now?)

Here’s the agenda for Tuesday, the 18th. Here are the minutes for LAST MAY when this type of bonding is usually approved. Just to really prove my point that Speaker is scared, here are the minutes from May 2006.

Speaker will probably succeed in securing the bonding. I think it’s a strong sign of the changes taking place on the Common Council that he has to resort to such tactics, though. We’ve seen Mr. Consensus slip considerably in his Council votes since his re-election. Now he’s having to manipulate the Council even more to get his way.