No, you don’t have to be a grown up to run for public office

Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor knows that. She’s running against Scott Walker for the Milwaukee County Executive position. Daniel from exposes her poor taste. Here’s a little perspective on her MySpace page. Please click here to see her world view as an American.

H/T Boots and Sabers.

UPDATE: Check comments! I can’t find this on MySpace.


  1. It’s quite interesting that she brags on her campaign page about being on the “powerful Senate finance committee”. With the state of the State’s budget, it’s apparent she isn’t even smart enough to know what to brag about as an accomplishment. She is not qualified to be a county executive by any means.

  2. Does anyone have a myspace account with which to verify this? It seems preposterous.

  3. You can always set one up, Kathryn. I have a Facebook account…guess I could do MySpace, too.

  4. kathleenm says:

    Lena bites the big one on her campaign and reality.Does anyone know, is this woman educated at the college level? I am so glad that I live in Waukesha County.

  5. I don’t want one, Cindy, but we do have some younger folks among us….such as yourself. 😉 I’m getting fuddy.

  6. Actually, I had one but forgot. MySpace sent me the password.

    To be honest, I can’t find it. Will update accordingly.

  7. I do have a smart eighth-grader who could make a better picture. Adds to my suspicion.

  8. The word is they’ve been erased. I can see how that happened, too. Who knows.

  9. She’s a graduate of UW-Milwaukee and Southern Illinois University Carbondale Law School.

    It’s right on her page…don’t know what I feel about her, but that picture is funny and I doubt she drew it herself.

  10. See, it’s a guy thing.

  11. (teeny voice – I thought it was funny, too.)

  12. I thought it was symbolic of public education.

  13. Aww, she’s just a nervous kid. That’s not nice.

  14. Kathryn, that’s an odd remark. I didn’t say anything…she said it all. It doesn’t seem like “nice” is a word to describe it.

  15. I agree, El Gato. I don’t think it’s a good example. It’s tough being in front of so many people.

  16. The point was the MAP correlation girls! Don’t be so touchy!


    As long as I’m talking about public education, take a look at this test. I only got 43 right!


    Then read this and notice the section on teachers lack of education in the subjects they are teaching.

  19. I’ve been out of school for many years but I’ll bet we both did better than most high school seniors in Brookfield would do!

  20. Ok, I guess I’ll take it. Back soon.

  21. 45. Dang, that was HARD.

    (Of course, I may have lied on my score to manipulate your opinion in some way…)

  22. Well, that depends on where you rank yourself in the population. If you think you are on the low end, then you could be right. If you think you are on the high end, then I would be right. Bear in mind that my score was higher than yours when you are deciding where to rank yourself. My high school average was 83%, but I got two assoc. degrees from MATC and graduated with scholastic honors. Got almost straight A’s in the Industrial Engineering and then Liberal Arts sections. To me that illustrates that lazy high school students will do better once they realize what the real world is like. For me that real world was a few months in a factory. Ughhhh!

  23. You’re right is is hard! I’m tickled to have come out so close to you Cindy!

  24. I just took the quiz, I got 53 correct (88%). But then again, Civics is my genre and I took the AP US Government examination and got a 5/5 without taking the class.

    And as for Public Education, the reason I’m going to be a Teacher is not because of some idiot Miss America question.

    This is why:

  25. Ah, if only there were more teachers like him, but the reality that parents will holler to high heaven that their “precious little darlings” are being overworked by such a tyrant.

    53 is a wonderful score, and it’s hard to believe that one who knows how the system is supposed to work doesn’t want to preserve it.

  26. Shawn, I knew you’d do well. I suspect my daughter-in-law (winking smiley here) would also. All of that Lincoln Douglas debate was strong training.

    El Gato, please PLEASE refrain from judgment statements like your last sentence. We can have a perfectly reasonable discussion about how well we understand US civics without you inciting a riot. After all, this blog is NOT a democracy, not even a representative one.

  27. Have you actually SEEN teachers in action at any point since the 70’s? Or is it all these blogs you read, because honestly most of them are not nearly as bad as you wish.

    And I do want to preserve the system, you’re just too blinded by partisanship to see that. Everyone here knows that I believe that even those who disagree on nearly everything can still find common ground.

    I am good at this stuff because of a variety of factors that include the PC game civilization, PBS, my mom taking me to the library often, my 4th grade teacher who was excellent at teaching wisconsin history.

    And more recently, Rudi Gutierrez and Pat Coffey–two really great Social Studies teachers at East.

    And when you look at “stupid people” you have to realize that most of them are not coming from Wisconsin. Wisconsin has some of the nation’s best schools…

    Just putting it out there.

  28. Dave Frank says:

    Yeah that was hard. I got a 49 but I am not afraid to say I was blindly guessing on more than a few. Some of them didn’t make much sense. By the way I am a proud product of public schools (with the exception of my graduate school). It is good to know we will have smart teachers like Shawn out there. I am impressed, 53 is really something.

  29. 50 here. I did less well on economic theory and civil war era history.

  30. Ah, my clever readers.

    This discussion sure took a turn from the original post!

  31. I’m standing in the corner for an hour!

  32. Yes the test is challenging. Graduated from high school 46 years ago but was able to score 55. It would be interesting to see how well people would do if the questions were not multiple choice. I suspect, as an example, many fewer would get the answer about the purpose of the Lincoln-Douglas debates or the result of the War of 1812 correct. I am not sure that I would have remembered the answers if not presented with a list of 5 choices.

  33. Well, my main contention is that students aren’t well educated in general and this report about the test only supports my contention.

  34. Going back to El Gato’s comment on what teachers have been trained in, I think this is where good administrators are critical. A good principal makes sure teachers have an appropriate level of expertise. Example, any k-8 certified teacher can teach any subject in a Wisconsin middle school. The good principal makes sure that the algebra teacher is also certified for high school math, even though s/he isn’t required by law to do so. Competence is not too much to ask, and we really depend on administrators to insist on it. That’s one thing that seems to be going well in Elmbrook.

  35. 53 here.