Takings to widen Calhoun Road on agenda again

We first talked about this last October:

Two more homes to disappear in Brookfield
Tuesday, Oct 16 2007, 06:56 AM

Tonight the City of Brookfield Common Council will undoubtedly vote to buy two more homes in our community. The item is listed on the agenda as a potential closed session item. Director of Public Works Tom Grisa refuses to describe the situation because of the potential closed session.

It appears that the Calhoun Road expansion from Bluemound to Greenfield hit a road bump in design. Two homes (map below) will have no access to the property under the current plan. The current design demands the homes be taken. (More followed in original.)

calhoun homes

The Common Council voted against buying the homes last October. The decision triggered two lawsuits against the City last November. Michael Best & Fredrich, the outside attorneys handling the case for the City of Brookfield, lost the motion to dismiss they’ve been arguing. A scheduling conference for the full trial is set for April. Tuesday night the Council will hear the issue again in closed session.

Remember this press release bragging that all the right of way for the widening project had been secured? That’s called spin. (Or lying, but you wouldn’t want to accuse Mayor Jeff Speaker of lying to his constituents, would you?) Clearly a couple of homeowners don’t feel the matter is all buttoned up like the Mayor led you to believe.