Timing is everything

Two new board members come to office in April. Tomorrow night, the current board will vote two issues regarding Superintendent Matt Gibson:

1) A salary increase consistent with a 4.0% package increase.
2) An extension of the Superintendent’s contract to June 2010.

Here’s the point. Regardless of what those new members may be thinking, they have a superintendent chosen for them for 2 of their 3 year terms. Game over.

The timing of this issue is similar to that we witnessed this morning from the City of Brookfield. We wouldn’t want board members to mistakenly represent the voters, would we? The demand is to make this decision now. Period.


  1. Maybe the board received a memo from Matt, instructing them to vote for a contract extension and pay raise before the new board is seated.

    The majority of the board members follow his suggestions like lemmings.