Close, but not quite

I’ve spent some time going through the Elmbrook school district’s information on the referendum. There’s stuff on their Web site that starts to tell the story. I got them to put the HSST meeting minutes back up so that you have access to that group’s decision.

The information provided is, I feel, limited in it’s scope. While the documents shown may be technically accurate, they fail to tell the whole story from HSST to board referendum. I’m going to have a leisurely spring break with the kids, and then I’ll get to a final comparison before the vote. I hope to get out a chart that has all three areas to compare: the last referendum, this referendum, and the HSST recommendation.

Two things that bug me about this rationale chart that is widely distributed: There’s no mention of the 1,150 student sizing recommended by the HSST (this is a really big sticking point with me, but I’m betting you know that by now), or that the larger 900 square foot classrooms were the board’s, not the team’s, idea.