Hey Brookfield

Your water rates are about to go up because VK needs water for a new development.

It looks like we’ll get to read more about it tomorrow. Check the JSOnline.com news briefs for more.


  1. Kelly Frank says:

    I may have missed it somewhere, but do residents know that some main wells have been down for at least nine months? We have had a terrible time with iron in the water, a result of water being pulled from an auxillary well. The iron levels in our water are well outside the acceptable levels as set forth by the water dept (as stated by city workers who came out to check out iron levels in our water). Will my rates go down to “compensate” me for all of the brown iron deposits all over everything plumbing related?

    That frustration off my chest, wouldn’t any development cause water rates to go up – VK or not? I’ll check out the story tomorrow. I, for one, am excited about the development that is proposed. I think that it’ll be great for Brookfield. Sure there will be growing pains, but there are things being brought in the development plans that we don’t currently have in Brookfield.

    I personally am looking forward to a real health club option being close by. I have been driving to the Princeton Club in New Berlin for months now and would love to have a great workout facility closer to where I live – not a 15-20 minute drive away.

  2. Whoa! There’s news. I guess I’ll go on record and say that development there is fine, but not at the density proposed. The developer already has the most generous zoning Brookfield ever put to the books, but he still wants much more for the area.

    Also, there are water problems all over. I knew there was one well down and that drilling hadn’t been promising for the SE. Also, there’s at least one main that broke in the last few weeks. Water is still a complicated issue in Brookfield. Some people want city water because their wells are failing, others don’t ever want to have to give up their private wells.

    Here’s the story. Gotta love the mayor’s final word. How many more “it’ll cost a little more” items does it take before it has all cost a lot? He wants the school thing NOW, he wants Lake water NOW, he wants wider roads NOW. It’s adding up.

  3. Sometimes one has to wonder if a comment that comes from an anonymous poster is not a plant. I can’t believe that the average person is “excited” by the new development. Over a health club? It does make one wonder. I’d also like to know the area in which this high iron watersupposedly is so we could check with the city. My water seems fine in all respects.

  4. BrkfldDad says:

    ? – Kelly is hardly anonymous, no reason to believe she’s not genuine. She’s been a fairly active citizen for quite some time.

  5. Agreed. She’s never been anonymous!

    My husband would faint if I got excited about a new health club…

  6. That’s what Franklin did with their last round. I have no idea if it’s working.

  7. Kelly Frank says:

    I post with my real name. You are far more anonymous than I am.

    There are many things that drive people in communities. obviously mine are different from yours – which is a good thing. No community would be good without differing opinions. My family activly engages in physical activites throughout the year and 2-3 times a week, we load up the kids and go to work out. After safety issues with a previous club, we found one that we really like. The downside is a lengthy drive for a safe environment for my two (soon to be three) small children.

    The well in question sits at the corner of Pilgrim and Burleigh (by the church on the hill). I was informed that the main well should be back up within a few weeks if all goes well. Not everyone in town is affected by this, but it has been a nuisance for us for a while.

  8. Kelly, I stand corrected on your identity, but I still thought you were “…. am excited about the development that is proposed. I think that it’ll be great for Brookfield. Sure there will be growing pains, but there are things being brought in the development plans that we don’t currently have in Brookfield.”

    That sounds like you are excited by the huge complex with the health club of particular interest. This complex will do nothing for the average citizen and will add immense traffic congestion to the area…which is close to my home. I’m NOT excited! You’re right…variety is the spice of life.

  9. In my opinion, I don’t know how people can be excited to see beautiful Ruby Farms become a development. Every time we host out of town guests and drive down Calhoun we are told what a gorgeous piece of property that land is. I would be more excited to see it turn into something that embraced the heritage, perhaps a winery or working farm, rather than a work out facility and other structures. Why don’t people get it? We have so many vacant storefronts on Bluemound right now. How is it that we need this development so desperately? Brookfield has always had the best of both worlds, city living and rural living. You can choose what you want. But now it seems as though the nice land buffers that we once had are all being swallowed up my greedy, money-hungry developers that have houses the size of small countries. How can we be excited about that? All of this unnecessary development is affecting people’s homes and pocketbooks, and that’s where I draw the line. I can’t wait to see an end to the Speaker days.