Obama lets the teleprompters roll

Here’s the text to his race speech today.

This was one of the first blogs in the country to cover the statements of Barack Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright. I stumbled across it on You Tube while I was looking for something else. In fact for a few days FairlyConservative.com was the number one or two response for a Google search that used what Wright said about Hillary Clinton.

Sure, Barack Obama has every right to defend his allegiance to his pastor. I heard reference to this speech as the greatest race speech since Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” presentation. I think we can let history cure a bit before that’s decided.

Be sure to check out Kyle Prast’s opinion on this one. She puts the issue into plain perspective.


  1. Much as I respect Kyle, I think the big picture in this speech is something else:

    “Compassion and mercy,
    From me to you and you to me,
    Exactly what God wants to see,
    And YES that is the point!”–Veggie Tales

  2. It might help to know she wrote it before he gave the speech.

  3. Yes, that does make a difference. But I wouldn’t expect the speech to change her mind; she always has well thought out opinions.

  4. http://youtube.com/watch?v=khuu-RhOBDU

    I wonder if this guy gets the same pass as Wright?

  5. You think Mr. Clinton would build a condo for her too?

  6. I can’t believe your headline. I hope you’re not implying this was some sort of stunt? Obama wrote his own speech and spent 2 days on it, only sharing it with a few top advisors.