Theder “perturbed” by enrollment number change

Here’s a story by CNI/NOW writer Jessica Rasmussen that says:

The increased enrollment capacity satisfied board members but perturbed members of the High School Facilities Next Steps Steering Team who saw the additions as excessive.

“If I were sitting in your chair right now, I would be comfortable, very comfortable” with the original plan, said Jerry Theder, steering team co-chairman.

So, tomorrow when Jerry Theder’s opinion piece pops up in the print version of Brookfield/Elm Grove NOW claiming he’s comfortable with the $1.2 million increase, ask yourself, “what changed?” There’s a 10% increase in enrollment numbers. He argues the “additions were based on board conjecture” and not hard evidence in January. Yesterday he sends me this statement:

These additions may turn out to be very wise. The Board will be facing significant fiscal issues as enrollment decreases and forces confrontation with the spending cap statutes. Most boards, when confronted with these issues simply increase class sizes and cut teachers rather than aggressively evaluating curriculum offerings and spending patterns.

I expected the Board to make some changes to the Steering Team recommendation, when they put their imprimater (sic) on the plan, and the $1.0 M is within my tolerance level.


  1. Lucky Lady says:

    When I filled out the Strategic Planning Survey put out by the School District, under question #l: What are the greatest challenges the School District will face over the next five years? I marked: COMMUNITY TRUST IN THE BOARD AND THE DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION. I guess they haven’t gotten around to reading the surveys yet.