Belling rips Brookfield council and Mayor

H/T Kyle Prast at Practically Speaking

I heard it for myself this evening. You can listen too by clicking here and looking for the 3rd and 4th segments. The subject of Elmbrook’s referendum and 12 of 14 Aldermen plus the Mayor signing on starts about a quarter of the way into the 3rd. You’ll have to be quick, though. I’m pretty sure the link changes after he records another show.

I laughed out loud when I heard Belling call Brookfield a “fairly conservative” community. I also got a kick out of him asking if even one other prominent Brookfield resident opposed the referendum. Um, that would be me. You remember; the Mayor trashed me with a bunch of lies two years ago so he could be vested in the state’s pension plan. I did get 3,800 votes or so.

To be honest, that’s probably another reason I’m taking it easy this week. The fact that one man can lie like he did, win, and bury his own nasty past still chaps me. I’ll get over it, but I’m allowed to say it stinks. Once a year, it hurts more than usual.


  1. I see that Jack Shaw has tipped his hand and is supporting the Brick and Mortar infusion into our school system. He forgot to mention being competitive with other school systems the reason to spend another 100 million dollars. Another spender joining the clan at City hall. Makes me sick to my stomach. It’s like none of the elected officials really care about the public at large. Gibsons job review says he is entitled to another lump of taxpayer candy. He has not shown me any reason to renew his contract. The referendum once again stinks out loud. I did appreciate the fact that Mark Belling spent a considerable amount of time on the subject. Maybe Charlie Sykes an Jeff Winter will also pitch in.

  2. Lucky Lady says:

    Larry, I disagree that “none of the elected officials really care about the public at large.” I often see Ald. Gerald Mellone mentioned in the news voting against more spending. Watching the common council meetings on cable, he is very concerned about spending. The usual aldermen shut him down every time. He is usually joined by Ald. Blackburn, Ald. Lisa Mellone and Ald. Carnell. They all voted against the $9 million bond issue this week. If voters would pay attention to these votes all year, (instead of campaign handouts) they might make better choices in the voting booth.