McCain leads both Obama and Clinton according to Reuters’ poll

Barack Obama’s national lead over Hillary Clinton has slipped. Both Democratic candidates are surpassed by Republican nominee John McCain. McCain leads 46 to 40 over Obama; 48 to 40 over Clinton. Read more…


  1. I don’t think any of the polls mean anything at this point. It seems that even polls taken the day before an election turn out to be way off. I think people often say something to mislead the pollsters. We don’t even have a Democratic candidate yet, and the real debates haven’t begun when they start to point out the real differences between the parties positions. I think a big thing to remember is that if the Dems control Congress and the White House, we may get programs that we never expected. On the other hand if we get a Dem Congress and a Rep White House we may have more years of stalemate. Seems like a deplorable situation for the country either way.

  2. I agree that polls don’t mean much a lot right now, but I think it’s possible that people are turned off by the squabbles among the democrats. The underlings shooting one another is not a pretty sight. The fight over what to do with the Michigan and Florida delegations is very disturbing. On the one hand, it doesn’t seem right to disenfranchise those state delegations. On the other hand, this looks like one more instance of Dems trying to change the rules during the game. I mean, this aspect of democracy should be pretty straight forward; how did the party make such a mess of it? George Will described their process as “rococo.” You know I am left-leaning of late, and you probably figured out that I like Obama, but McCain is looking awfully good this month!

  3. Polls only reflect the opinion of the swath polled at the time of the poll.

    The only reason i’m saying this is because Zogby polls BLOW.

    Let me repeat, never rely or bet money on a Zogby poll. I prefer Survey USA (SUSA) and Research 2000. Rasmussen is decent but they aren’t the most precise.

    And I will concede that this was a hard week for Democrats. But they will bounce back. If money is any indication of who’s excited for who; it’s clear that America is excited for Barack Obama and moreover, for the Democrats.

  4. Republicans don’t get the black vote anyhow because the blacks think Lincoln was a Democrat. I have a feeling that you will hear more about Obama’s ties in the general election. If I were McCain, I’d play that issue to the hilt. I’d show the rantings and ravings of the Congressional Black Caucus to let people know what they could be in for. I think it’s only fair to “tell it like it is” and not pretend that blacks aren’t racist and are only poor victims of white oppression. Hundreds of billions in welfare and aid and it’s still our fault someone without a high school education can’t get a job because his great great granddaddy was a slave? Not on my calculator!

  5. I may be what you would call a bigot. I know that there are responsible and successful blacks, and that many don’t support these whining racists. I also know that many blacks that get into a position of political power play to the lowest common denominator. Again I say look and listen to the Congressional Black Caucus. I have no patience with anyone who blames others for their lack of effort and responsibility, and I sure don’t take the blame for slavery in any way, shape, or form! When I see a sobbing black mother on TV crying for her child who was killed by a stray bullet, my heart goes out to her. When I see the thug that did it, I may indeed describe him with that dreaded racial slur. A bad habit I admit, but I’m sick of the behaviors and I need to vent at times. Men like Bill Cosby, T.D. Jakes, etc. are to be admired, but they are despised by the thugs as “Uncle Toms”. Of course it’s frustrating and I’m honest enough to admit it. By the way, whites are called names by blacks all the time!

  6. Things take time. The Bible speaks of “visiting” the sins of the fathers unto the fifth generation (in other places it says “punishing.”) The root of the word translated visiting suggests overseeing or observing. I understand that to mean that the sins I commit today may have long lasting spiritual and social consequences.

    I am of the fifth generation in my family since abolition. My son was incredulous when he first heard about racial discrimination. It takes a long time for the affect of evil-doing to subside. Somewhere between the admirable and the thuggish are a lot of ordinary people of both races, and we are pulled in both directions by the conditions of our day and the days of our fathers and mothers.

  7. I try to focus on not slandering an entire swath of people. What I do find interesting though, is that most minority offenders are for petty theft, drugs, drive-by shootings, stray bullets, gang violence etc.

    And whites are always the sickos–the rapists, serial killers, psychos.

    I just find it interesting. Anyone have any hypothesis?

  8. A gang would be good cover for a hard-core creep, as would any military or para-military organization. And frankly, there are a lot more white guys.

    It has crossed my mind lately that white-kid crimes like alcohol, pot, shoplifting, reckless driving don’t land people in jail for long periods. Can you imagine the outcry if we locked up DUIs as a matter of course?

  9. Yep, I remember them old white guys called the “D.C. snipers”. Then of course there were those other “old white guys” Craig Price and Henry Louis Wallace. Man, I’m embarrassed to be an “old white guy”. Now I assume Charlene Gallego, Karla Homolka

  10. Oops!
    Carol Bundy, Aileen Wuornos, etc. were actually “drag queens”.

  11. Just think, Dan, we’re gonna be old white guy creepers one day too!

  12. Nah, if I ever give up my fight against the man to be the man, i’d like to legislate. My ego isn’t big enough and I don’t like power trips.

    Right now I’m just concentrating on making it in this world, but maybe you can be the White House Physician?

  13. If you want the hard data on the statistics they can be found on the FBI website. Here is a link to a table break down by race from 2006, the most recent information available.

  14. Wow, Stimpy, thanks for the data.

  15. The FBI report lists the percentage by race of total crimes reported. The 2006 Census update will show the division of race of the total population The FBI report also lumps Hispanic and White as the same.

  16. Oops! Try this for the link –

  17. Yeah that grouping kind of defeats the whole purpose.