My letter to the editor of BrookfieldNOW

Hopefully it will run tomorrow along with everyone else. I was told I could only submit one letter even though I wanted to cover two subjects.

Tuesday, April 1st is Election Day. There are a number of local aldermanic races as well as the high school referendum to consider. I am supporting Terry Halmstad for the 2nd district; Dan Sutton, 1st; Ron Balzer, 3rd; and Renee Lowerr, 7th. These candidates will help balance the aggressive council we’ve had over the last two years.

Terry Halmstad offers more to the 2nd district than the incumbent. He is a thorough thinker that actively engages in our community. Terry and his wife Mary Karen have lived in the district, raised children, and nurtured a church community for almost two decades. He knows what we think from talking to us daily.

The incumbent has allied with another city since he was first elected; he high-tailed it to Pewaukee when he started a business.

Don’t look for a long list of promises like his opponent made to get elected and then quickly abandoned. You will find sincerity and integrity from Terry Halmstad. Those are two qualities Brookfield values and the Common Council can always use.

The $62.2 million referendum is close, but not quite. If the board had kept their hands off the hard work of the HSST, they might have had my support. Instead, the Elmbrook school board wrapped a generous steering team decision in layers of “wants” and pushed another fluffy plan.

Elmbrook school district desperately wants you to think they’ve put forward the HSST’s seven month effort. All of their “unbiased information” touts the group’s work. Fact: the district refuses to provide me with the final recommendation of the HSST committee so that I can compare it with the current referendum. The detailed expenses of the referendum have not been released at the time I write this letter.

I’ll admit; if this referendum passes it won’t be the end of the world. A small group of dedicated bloggers and community members have worked very hard in the last year to influence a referendum that shears about half the final cost. The lower interest rates alone will save a big chunk. This completely debunks the district argument that it will always be more expensive if you don’t do what they want now.

Please vote April 1st. And if you are in the 2nd district, I (and hundreds of your neighbors) will appreciate it if you draw the line for Terry Halmstad.

Cindy Kilkenny