Near miss

Fluff, but with housekeeping at the end. Read accordingly.

The youngest set out for her first behind the wheel driving lesson this afternoon. She almost didn’t make it because we couldn’t find that “card with all the lines on it that I haaaave to have now!” I pulled the contents off the kitchen desk and started sorting them out on the larger table. Eventually I found all the pertinent driving school experience clearly labeled in a folder. The card was there.

The contents of the kitchen desk ALWAYS beat me. No matter how hard I try to organize the stash, it’s a mess. The Desk is the ever-present, gosh-I’ll-just-lay- it-here corner of doom. I do manage to clean it up for dinner parties, though. I toss it all into a laundry basket and hide it in the garage. Then I dutifully sort the contents before they go back on.

I guess it’s time for a party.

That desk holds more than most people will ever know about the upcoming referendum. It holds travel plans and mementos for/from about ten trips. For goodness sakes, it has the family photos I meant to disburse about 18 months ago. There are prints from Sedona, Big Sur, and last Christmas. There’s a Fleetwood Mac cd, the DVD Ratatouille, my favorite lotion, and foreign currency that doesn’t even circulate anymore. Basically, if the house catches fire all contents of The Desk must be saved. It holds both my past and my future. But it still needs help.

So, that’s my task over the kids’ spring break. Having one or two home for a week messes with daily life, so I might as well do it up right. By the way, spring break is good for other things, too. Say, losing the entire stash of Girl Scout cookies to the midnight munchies of a still growing 19-year-old or finding all available electronics neatly organized in the basement where they DO NOT belong.

Ah, motherhood. But honestly, I don’t have many spring breaks left, so I’m taking this one off. Blogging is hit or miss until the little angels are back in their rented spaces Tuesday, March 25th. I can manage the one that lives here full time and get back to it all after that.


  1. Lucky Lady says:

    I like the “laundry basket in the garage” idea. But I’d have multiple baskets out there. I’ll give it a try with all the family coming for Easter dinner.