Reality check: high school enrollment

I’m sharing a little reality moment I had this morning. A year ago I asked for the current enrollments at the high schools. East was enrolled with 1,391 students; Central had 1,413. I would image the numbers are still close to 1,400 students.

Here’s what the district is touting for enrollment numbers per high school:

Last referendum – 1,450
This referendum – 1,270

Here’s what they aren’t telling you:

HSST/Next Steps recommendation – 1,150

The referendum adds over 90,000 square feet to two high schools. How many students do you think the district will stuff into that new square footage? After all, about 1,400 students are already in each of the current buildings.

All of the district’s promises mean nothing to me. I’m putting my third child through their system. I know the promises have very narrow interpretations when it comes to actual delivery. I’m not alone. The biggest concern from the strategic survey questions? “Community trust in the Board and the district administration.”