Academics, not athletics

It seems like the mantra that Practically Speaking’s Kyle Prast began is taking hold in unlikely places. The teachers in Elmbrook’s high schools, for example. I’ve received a couple of phone calls in the last week that congratulated our efforts in calling attention to the lopsided referendum. I can’t take credit. There are others that waived the caution flag for this lap in the referendum race long before I did.

I certainly enjoy the little goodies that I get from the inside sources, though. The one I’ve been working to check out today? The athletic viewing room at Central High School. The room, according to my source, holds state-of-the-art electronics including a wide-screen TV. There’s a conference table that “would be the envy of any high-powered office.” The room serves as space to playback the various (mainly male) athletic performances for team viewing.

The problem I see is that the room isn’t exactly – well – acknowledged. It’s certainly not appearing on the poverty tour the district has on it’s public channel. No one I know who’s been on the actual tour has ever seen it, either. In fact, it’s not on the map. Literally. The current school map shows the room as “room 52.” The administrator had to draw it in for me this morning. The new referendum map doesn’t show it, either. I’ve colored it in gray for you below:


The source explained that this room is only an EXAMPLE of the way the administration is trying to sell this referendum. That person also asked, “if they’re hiding this extravagance, what else are they hiding?”

Darn good question.

I’m trying to get in to take pictures of the viewing room. Time will tell if the district makes the space available.


  1. Bull****. [edited: consider a four letter word for manure] Excuse my language.

    What we need is a gym that can hold our players, and locker rooms. Nothing else. If we want that planning room, maybe Best Buy can make a donation or something like that.