Find your sample ballot for next Tuesday’s election

**Update – October 7th**
This works for the November 2008 election, too!


I e-mailed my favorite city clerk and she helped me find a sample ballot.

Click here. Then add your last and first names followed by your date of birth. (I used xx/xx/xxxx. What, you think I’d tell you?) Click search. Select your name when it pops up. You’ll get a copy of the races you’ll be seeing in the voter’s booth.

Here’s what I’m looking at for contested races and questions. My likely votes are in bold italics. (Grandma said you should never actually tell who you voted for in an election.)

MIKE GABLEMAN (Non-Partisan)
LOUIS BUTLER (Non-Partisan)

RICK OWEN (Non-Partisan) (Incumbent)

RICHARD J. STEINBERG (Non-Partisan) (Incumbent)

LISA S NEUBAUER (Non-Partisan)

Elm Brook At Large Seat
FLEMING, BROOKS (Non-Partisan)
MARCELLO, DAVID (Non-Partisan)

Elm Brook Area I seat
JONES, GARY J (Non-Partisan)
ASLIN, BILL (Non-Partisan)

QUESTION 1: Partial veto
QUESTION 1: “Partial veto. Shall section 10 (1) (c) of article V of the constitution be amended to prohibit the governor, in exercising his or her partial veto authority, from creating a new sentence by combining parts of two or more sentences of the enrolled bill?”

YES! YES! A thousand times YES! (Except I can really only vote once, so it will have to do.)

REFERENDUM “Shall the following Initial Resolution be approved? INITIAL RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS IN AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $62,190,000 BE IT RESOLVED by the School Board of the School District of Elmbrook, Waukesha County, Wisconsin that there shall be issued pursuant to Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes, general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $62,190,000 for the public purpose of paying the cost of renovating and adding to Brookfield Central and Brookfield East High Schools; making related site improvements; and acquiring related equipment.”

NO (Not this time, but that’s not exactly news.)


You’ll see I’m not voting in the Appeals Court race. I’m not good at choosing the lesser of two evils this time, so I’ll walk away. Both are liberal. Both have Republican endorsements. Some say one is less offensive than the other, but I haven’t seen it, so I’m just not gonna fill in the line.

I do understand that some have withdrawn from the school board race, but the names are still on the ballot, so I’m voting my favorites. After all, Ron Balzer withdrew, beat then incumbent (and now candidate) Jack Shaw in the 3rd aldermanic district, and ended up serving. Well, it could happen…


  1. kathleenm says:


    Noticed you didn’t mention Dan Sutton. Isn’t Richard Brunner running against him?

  2. Kathleenm, I’m so sorry! You ended up in the spam folder for some reason.

    Anyway, yes Sutton and Brunner are on the ballot in the 1st district, but since I don’t live in the 1st, I can’t vote for Dan Sutton. I would if I could. He’s the preferred candidate in this match up.

  3. Cindy, thanks for this info! I had been looking all over for what offices and candidates I would be voting for without much success.

  4. Thanks for the link, I have been trying to find this information for awhile with no luck.

    I also found out that my wife hasn’t been voting in all of the elections when she said she would!

  5. Well Stimpy, it’s a person’s right to NOT vote as much as it is TO vote. Please go easy on her. The database is supposed to be accurate, but it’s really kind of a mess.

  6. I know, but it is fun to tease her. She has always been passionate about all politics ( her grandfather was a political science professor for Ripon). She has been busy with 3 little ones and I’m sure when it seems to be a “slam dunk” it is easier to skip a primary to vote for your 2nd choice.

  7. NO-CAN-DO says:

    Cindy, Right on target for all candidates except one. I can’t bring myself to pull the lever for Gableman. His campaign ads stand out for being over the top sleezy and unethical – they simply reek. I can’t do it – no matter how I feel about Butler. Someone has got to take a stand and take the high road. This is the Supreme Court after all.

  8. Well, my name didn’t work and I tried all combinations. My wife’s did though (hers is simpler–mine has a suffix). But my address worked just as well, and matched my wife’s ballot so I’m set. Thanks.


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