Clinton’s toast.

Obama’s toast. Guess who that leaves…

Really, Clinton now has three instances of forgetting what really happened in Bosnia. She completely (pardon the implication) shot herself in the foot. Obama’s having huge trouble recovering from Wright’s white-hate speeches.

They are both trying to deflect the damage towards each other. They also both have approval ratings at less than 50%.

Surprisingly, the poll also has Obama over McCain by two points, but it’s within the margin of error, and the poll oversampled African-Americans.


  1. Obama’s poll numbers slid and he reversed the trend. Polling is as much about trend lines as it is about the actual polling numbers.

  2. Do you mean “up” or “down” matters more than “how much?”

  3. No trends matter more than the actual value. For example, Obama’s numbers during the initial Wright controversy dipped 8 points under HRC over a few days–a downward trend.

    Then his major address to the nation (the first speech by a modern political leader that didn’t treat us like 3rd graders), the trend reverse and how he is (as of today) about 4-5 points ahead of Hillary.

  4. Unfortunately, Hillary’s like a bad rash; she just won’t go away no matter how hard you try to rid yourself of the problem.

  5. Dan: Potato, potato.