It’s a soap box moment

Indulge me; I haven’t had one for a while.

I’m watching the local news winding down a bit and saw the story about the poor young girl who died when her parents religious beliefs wouldn’t get her medical care. It’s terribly tragic. That’s not debatable.

What really set me off was watching an idiot reporter knocking on the family’s door to prove she tried to get the interview. I THINK YOU ARE A WRETCHED FOOL FOR INTERRUPTING THIS FAMILY’S GRIEF.

I have learned the hard way that we live in a cold and calloused world. But I don’t have to participate in this channel’s success. That’s it. I’m no longer loyal. And if I find out that all of the other channels did it too, then I’ll just quit watching the local news.

So shame on WTMJ4, a subsidiary of Journal Communications. My 10+ years of watching you instead of the others just ended.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t see this. Was it that Courtny Gerrish? She’s the one who called that off-duty cops family for comment on his death, before they even knew he had been shot. That got me to stop watching them last year. I was real close after Rod Burkes (when he was relatively new) had shown two clips of David Beckham’s wife Posh Spice jumping up and down in a skimpy top as part of his sports highlights. His ending comment was ” I don’t know about you, but his wifey-wife has got it going on…” I don’t need that, nor any of the other crap they have been spewing since they chance news directors and focus. They are now the TMZ of Milwaukee news. Who ever thought Channel 12 would take the throne, but they sure have. Did you see Mike Gousha’s comments about 12’s new news director. Very complimentary, he thinks she’s a rising star. Good for them, everyone I like in Milwaukee news (Miller, Gousha, Garbaciak, etc…) is over there now. I wonder how long before Jacobs, Malan and Meekins bolt from 4, it must be so painful for them to see what’s going on there.

  2. BrkfldDad says:

    Whoops, that was me, not anonymous… and it should be changed… not chance… online grammar check is my dream..

  3. Dave Frank says:

    I agree. Once Mike Gousha and Kevin Hunt left, the channel went downhill in a hurry. I grew up watching WTMJ and now I can barely stand the Today Show cut-in. Channel 12 is my new station of choice.