On to the next thing

I am so bad this last week before an election. Bad memories, etc., combine to make it really hard to concentrate. I am working on a local campaign. I’m also still trying to investigate the special video room hidden at Central High School. (The administration has ignored my request for details and photos so far.) What I’m really doing is playing a little on my next project.

Everyone’s family has one or two characters that stand out. My family is no exception. The spouse’s family has a gem, though, with actual documents from which to start. I’m beginning a little research to see if there’s a book in it. My absolutely fabulous find of the day is that some of her papers are housed at the Harry S. Truman Library in Independence, MO. I sense a road trip in my future.

It could be a lot of fun, actually. I’ve always wanted to photograph the sunflowers on the plains of Kansas, so I might have to work that into the drive. Also, it’s only a few hours to Mom and Dad’s in Oklahoma City after that. It’s time to get out the map.

I know it sounds silly, but I’m at a point in my life where I can enjoy a little diversion here and there. Looking into the research, gathering family memorabilia, interviewing relatives that remember her – I think it will be fun. Time will tell if anything comes from it. The first thing I will do is transcribe some of the dozen or so letters I have from her during WWII.

‘Fes up. Is there a project on your list that you thought you’d always get around to doing? (Cleaning under the refrigerator doesn’t count.) Let me know. Maybe we can start a “get ‘er done” club for mutual support.