Cindy the wimp

A few weeks ago a high school acquaintance found me on Facebook. Today her update says, “Dawn is awaiting her son’s deployment to Afghanistan.” I immediately wrote on her wall wishing her well. Then I cried.

I mean, I’ve spent all day watching an America’s Next Top Model season 5 marathon with my daughter. I grumbled a little about the snow. I got the mail.

I never once contemplated sending one of my baby boys to war.

So pray for Dawn and her son. And pray for perspective. Einstein is right – everything is relative.


  1. God bless him.

    And you, too, Cindy. They’re all somebody’s baby. Nothing wimpy about caring.

  2. kathleenm says:

    Reflect on Einstein’s general theory of relativity. And then, thank god for every day that you are alive and breathing.