Did you think the HSST knew?

I’ve been wondering. Do you think the Elmbrook task force for high schools KNEW that their recommendation included cosmetic improvements like replacing the green window side panels at East? I don’t.

There’s nothing I’ve seen to indicate the group knows what came in on that price from the general contractor. The HSST gave the district their recommendation, then the administrators and contractors dreamed up what all that would include. When the numbers came back, the group, believing they had done the best job possible, never questioned the price.

I support the concept of remodeling two high schools. I do not support the cost associated with this referendum effort. Between the additions the school board made to increase non-resident enrollment capacity and the little goodies tucked into the price without anyone’s knowledge, this referendum effort is inflated.

I truly believe the original goals of the HSST can be met for about $40 million. Greedy district contractors will need to walk away from the public trough to get there, but I think it can be done. This inflated referendum is one of the reasons percentage payments are bad for taxpayers. The more expensive the project, the more those contractors get paid.

The effort to update the high schools needs to be bid in a competitive process.