That’s ok. Someday she’ll get hers.

Lisa Sink did her best to ruin another career with a one-sided story today. She takes the City of Brookfield Police Department’s side against incumbent Judge Richard Steinberg. She questions his “demeanor” (think “disposition” here and you’ll get where I’m headed pretty quickly) less than a week before the election.

The only defense offered Steinberg is pretty big, but buried in one line at the front of the story. “But no citizen complaints have been filed,…” That’s right. She slaps together several column inches as a favor to Mayor Jeff Speaker that trashes Steinberg, but there’s nothing to back it up except whiny cop reports. Cops “said,” cops “wrote,” cops “complained.”

I like the idea that there’s a judge cops don’t like. I always have. To me it means this man sees through the regular cop mentality.

Steinberg still gets my vote. Don’t let Speaker’s tactics work in this elections like they did two years ago. See through Speaker and dismiss Sink’s pandering to maintain a connection at City Hall.


  1. Salvatore Dolly says:

    Anything Speaker wants is what we should be against!

  2. Richard Feyrer says:

    Cindy, I’ve followed Lisa Sink’s career from the onset, and must say she tries harder to be fair than just about any other journalist I’ve worked with or supervised during the past 39 years. If the judge’s job is in jeopardy it’s from his opponents, not from Lisa. Also, I’d wager you’ve put more careers in hot water than Lisa ever will.