Rick Owen’s problem with perception

2nd district Alderman Rick Owen isn’t being honest with himself or voters in the district. His Web site and literature proclaims his virtue in managing the big development issues of the 2nd district. Why, then, are there signs for his opponent Terry Halmstad in all of those surrounding homes? Neighbors of his in the Capitol Heights area support Halmstad. Residents next to the new development on Capitol at Imperial support Halmstad. Looks like Owen is wearing those rose-colored glasses again. After all, he’s running on Mayor Jeff Speaker’s platform that Brookfield’s best days are STILL ahead. (Um, ok, but exactly how long are we supposed to wait for him to turn things around?)

Also, Owen was recently warned by Waukesha District Attorney Brad Schimel that his campaign literature must have a proper disclosure. Owen handed out hundreds of pieces in the district that did not. One would think that a politician as successful as Owen claims, who is so tightly connected to City Hall, would properly respect the laws that govern campaign literature.


Unlike certain “real” journalists, I don’t pretend to be neutral on this or any other local race. If I don’t care, I’ll say so. If I care very much, like I do in supporting Terry Halmstad for the 2nd district post, I’ll tell you up front.

Halmstad reports that he’s running strong in the district. I’m out soon to put up another sign for him. Of course I’m nervous – I’m always nervous before an election – but it looks promising that we’ll turn the council with this election.

Brookfield, we deserve it. Let’s finish the work that was started a few years ago and move Brookfield forward on effort, not promises.