Incumbent Rick Owen violates Waukesha DA warning

He’s handing out literature without a disclaimer again today.

Of course, I have permission to take a piece. And there’s a witness as to when it was delivered.

Shame on you, Mr. Owen. I’ll fax Waukesha DA Brad Schimel tomorrow with the details. I hope your blatant disregard for the law lands you in second place on Tuesday.


  1. I was shown a piece of illegal literature being distributed by the candidate you are pushing in the 1st District– Dan Sutton. No disclaimer whatsoever. Perhaps he spent only $24.95 on layout and making copies and doesn’t need to report the expenditure. Or, maybe not. Please inform the D-A about this potential campaign law violation on behalf of the entire community, too, if you would please.

  2. Gosh “Walter,” if that’s true and really important to you then you should make the complaint. I don’t vote in the 1st, so I don’t think I have standing like I do in the 2nd. Do you live in the 1st?

  3. Gosh, “Cindy,” I wrote that I ‘was shown’ a piece of Dan Sutton illegal literature, which would logically mean that I do not reside in the 1st. That should be a big clue as to why your attempts to make me into someone else are so comical and wrong. Back to the issue at hand; we again find the illogic and incompatibility of the positions you take. You have felt it quite important to make prominent your endorsements of some candidates and, your criticisms of others who reside in aldermanic districts that are NOT yours. Suddenly it’s hand-off and you don’t have ‘standing’ to make any issue at all of one of your own candidate’s lack of disclaimer on campaign literature– Dan Sutton. Were I in the 1st it would make my vote for Dick Brunner all the more vital. Your righteous indignation seems quite selective on this and on many things. Your pattern shows that the appearance of your bony finger of indignation is related primarily to whatever person you seek to smear on any given day or week. The two words with which you do not want to be described are not as important to diagnosing you as are the far simpler words, insecure and angry. Self loathing might be two others, or if you choose to hyphenate them as self-loathing, one. Classic psychology– the need to relentlessly tear others down far and wide, day and night; the need to mention status symbols and drop names to build yourSELF up; the inability to stand corrected even though that is YOUR entire schtick toward others. This would be Chapter Two in a high school psychology text … “All about Bullies, with cyberspace’s blogosphere simply being the newest form of playground. As for campaign literature that appears to be illegal in Brookfield and your fervor for making an issue of some of it, you certainly must have friends in the 1st district whom you can get to point out to the D-A in just exactly the same way that you threaten to point it out about an individual against whom you have mounted a longstanding and relentless campaign? Would not that be the more consistent and principled stand? You will not do so, of course, as what you write and do seems always to be agenda driven … which is among the evidence of the aforementioned traits and personality patterns. It calls into question the reliability of all things you call for and all things you write of. More and more people are realizing that and now knowingly roll their eyes at the mention of whatever is your latest attack.

  4. Huh?

  5. Guess he was so angry that he didn’t proof-read for continuity.

    The first point is the best. I live in the 1st District (Sutton lives across the street) and I haven’t seen any literature for whatever reason.

    So no, it’s not logical to assume you don’t live in the 1st District. Your place of employment is, though, so maybe that’s where you saw it????

  6. Wow, the seething contempt makes Walter’s post even more difficult to read. Walter, you do not have to read this blog. If you disagree with points made then add correction or counterpoints. The image that you have painted of yourself is not very flattering.

  7. Cindy, i’m starting to fear for the well-being of your “bony finger of indignation.” Hahah!

    Oh, and I took AP Psychology in High School, had a horrible teacher, and it was still easier to understand than you.

  8. Than me or than “Walter,” Shawn? I happen to know that your English teacher would not be pleased with your ambiguous pronoun.

  9. Shawn, non sequitor … you live in the 1st district. You haven’t seen any illegal Dan Sutton literature. Your point, apparently, is that if you haven’t seen any illegal Dan Sutton campaign literature, then no one in the 1st district has seen any such Sutton literature lacking a disclaimer. Following your illogic, therefore no one outside of the district is able to have been shown such an item by a friend or relative? (If P = Q, then ?)(You were graduated from the Elmbrook Schools, right, and I presume along the way took the requisite mathematics and perhaps a logic course?) I realize these are complex sentences, but you’re portrayed as someone with intelligence, so work your way through them. By the way, I worked on Saturday, punched the clock and came home — I doubt anyone was working at the school district on spring break Saturday much less punching a clock. Finally, Cindy’s “Huh?” attempt to dismiss speaks volumes more than any other response could have about her having seen herself clearly in the mirror being held up in front of her. And through all of it, she has avoided answering the question of why she is so intent on reporting some to the D-A, but not others who appear to have committed the same offense.

  10. You is Walter, sorry. I figured the “High School Psychology” reference was enough to imply the identity of the pronoun. Maybe that’s my downfall.

  11. My point is if it bothers you, then you need to write the complaint. I haven’t seen it. I only have your word. Since you are intent upon remaining anonymous it doesn’t seem prudent to stake a claim upon your word.

  12. BrkfldDad says:

    Somehow, I think “Walter” was someone we learned about in high school Psychology, Chapter 2. He’s quite the angry “man”. Methinks the bully persona didn’t work and he has it all pent up inside. Best part, in his zeal to remain anonymous, do you think he’s smart enough to realize no one who posts is anonymous?

  13. He has no clue at all.