I have a request

Please read all of my letter to the editor regarding the Elmbrook High School referendum. Molly Steffen of the Vote YES team agrees with my point so much that she sent part of the letter to her e-mail list!

The $62.2 million referendum is close, but not quite. If the board had kept their hands off the hard work of the HSST, they might have had my support. Instead, the Elmbrook school board wrapped a generous steering team decision in layers of “wants” and pushed another fluffy plan.

Elmbrook school district desperately wants you to think they’ve put forward the HSST’s seven month effort. All of their “unbiased information” touts the group’s work. Fact: the district refuses to provide me with the final recommendation of the HSST committee so that I can compare it with the current referendum. The detailed expenses of the referendum have not been released at the time I write this letter.

I’ll admit; if this referendum passes it won’t be the end of the world. A small group of dedicated bloggers and community members have worked very hard in the last year to influence a referendum that shears about half the final cost. The lower interest rates alone will save a big chunk. This completely debunks the district argument that it will always be more expensive if you don’t do what they want now.