Well, it finally happened

I spoke with a voter that was no on the last referendum and will be yes on this one.

Just thought you’d want to know.


  1. Education is all that we have to offer our children, our future generation. How can anyone, any parent with young children, any parent with grown children or any resident of your beautiful city not want your schools, particularly your high school to be fit for the 21st century learning? Plants may be “unloved” due to all the “other” things dedicated district employees are doing to educate and support growing children in conditions that are difficult at best.
    Have you ever attempted to teach, yes teach children in our public schools today? Children coming from all walks of life, all different types of families, children hungry for learning and knowledge, young adults questioning and yearning to grow up? Have you read of the latest brain research on infants and young children? Have you read of the latest research on what is happening in an adolescent’s brain? If you can honestly say yes, I have taught in public schools for at least one year, I have kept up on the latest brain research regarding infants and adolescents. I am confident that you will be proud to vote YES tomorrow.
    Why do communities gather when there is a horrible crisis like school shootings, where children are murdered or maimed? Why do they divide and blog so unkindly about individuals who spend endless hours researching, meeting, discussing, sharing all sides openly, for no financial rewards for the benefit of all children?
    As you all know you are one of the wealthiest communities in your state. I am sure many great students have and are graduating from your schools that has not been “blessed” with referendum dollars. That is not the question!
    Wake up, look in the mirror, all you voters……..think children, think young people, think future, and set aside all the extras that you indulge in everyday without blinking an eye and exam what these dollars will really provide for all residents of your community. You truly are blessed!!!!! VOTE YES!!!! April 1st.

  2. So fancy school buildings with air conditioning and new gyms equal good education?

  3. I learned just fine at Brookfield East over the past 3 years.

  4. That was drivel with a capital D! Typical “no values” parenting! You MUST spend money if you want your children to be happy and have a future.
    I notice the complete absence of love and family being mentioned.

  5. Wow that was a little thick.

    I have 3 young children in the schools. I can rally around a disaster, but please don’t ask me to rally around an air conditioned gym.

    Has the human brain suddenly evolved with this generation of young ones or am I missing something with substance instead of heart felt emotion.

  6. BrkfldDad says:

    Between Walter, O Rein and our own District Superintendent, the mumbo jumbo, disinformation, confuse the voter full court press is on!

  7. All I know is if the referendum passes in Brookfield I think Cindy and at least 3 commentators on this blog will suddenly have a heart attack.

    I haven’t seen so much distaste and near hatred of a referendum since, well, bloggers in Franklin blasted a new hole in the Franklin School Board’s front doorstep last year.

  8. Oh, c’mon Greg. I’m on record as saying it won’t be the end of the world.

    The spouse thinks it will pass. I think it will be a very close no.

  9. Tom Gehl wrote a thoughtful piece for his blog.

  10. Shawn, I’m sure you are learning just fine at East… I doubt kids will say “the school was in too poor a condition to foster a productive learning environment.” If you haven’t experienced what you don’t know or never had, it’s hard to make that call.

    If you have an old car that functions but is rusty, has poor in gas mileage, and the heater isn’t very good… bottom line: the car still works and it serves its purpose by getting you where you need to go.

    We’re not asking for an Escalade or Hummer with shiny rims and 4 DVD screens, we’re just upgrading to an efficient used sedan that gets us where we need to go, but in a more comfortable way. I can sit in the back seat of a Pinto on an 8 hour roadtrip, but I’d rather have the leg room.

    No one’s saying it’s overly horrible now or needs to be absolutely perfect later. It’s simply that the schools could use improvement where facilities are concerned, and there’s no sin in wanting to do a little better.

  11. Driver, I disagree.

    There are 2 acres of gyms and air conditioning. Plus there’s all of that room for non-resident enrollment.

    I’d call it a GMC Denali when an Equinox would do.

  12. BrkfldDad says:

    Well, it’d be even better if Shawn was ‘learning’ at East, but he’s all ready graduated.

    So, what if I want an upgraded efficient used sedan at the price of an upgraded used sedan? But not at the the price of a Escalade/Hummer. I think that’s the conundrum here, many of us believe we can do the same and/or better at a better price. e.g. do we really need a seven figure A/C solution for the new/remodeled gym/PE areas?

  13. Greg, I don’t support this referendum fully. I think that it is closer but there is still room for improvement. I have been watching this site for quite awhile and the emotions spark and fall rather quickly. FranklinNow had a real run of nastiness (far worse than I have seen here) but it too settled after it gained some attention.

    Some of the problem of the written word is sometimes someone may read hostility into the tone of the words because that is what they are feeling when they read it.

    Your indignation seems slightly exaggerated when taken out of context as well. Mostly what I see here is several core commenter’s who for the most part have learned to see other peoples opinions. Others drop by and comment at times, but the run up to an election people will stop by to make a grand statement behind a screen name.

  14. BrkfldDad says:

    wow, maybe we share a lobe

  15. But thank goodness, not an IP.

  16. Wow!!! As I read and write from a far I am amazed at the anger, the hurt and the questions. Why can we not look at our children today, 2008 and not compare to what was and how well we all did with what was? This is about our/your community, our/your children, our/your future. THINK! THINK! Words can always be spun for whatever, just like statistics. This is a new world, a new environment for our children.They need safety, they need space, they need environments that welcome learning, questioning and success. Does your present situtation offer this to our future children? They, our children, are brighter and more aware than any other generation. We need to help them, prepare for them, and support new schools in the name of our future. VOTE YES!!!!!! You will be so happy and so proud of our future.

  17. O. Rein, perhaps the term for your behavior is “projection.”

  18. BrkfldDad says:

    O.Rein, or is it O Rein (?), for the most part, except for the occasional, angry, intermittent (or fake) poster, I would challenge you to go back to all postings at this blog and see where anyone says we shouldn’t “help them, prepare for them, and support new schools”. The real point of many, if not all of the NO arguments, is exactly the opposite. I think I can say for most, that we believe this referendum to have substantial ‘waste’ which, when you think about it, penalizes future generations. Why not get the most for our money NOW, rather than settle for a substandard focus and effort on academics? You don’t think that 20 years from now, when inadequacies are addressed at the renovated high schools that the mantra would not be ‘well 20 years ago we said YES, so why should we have to spend more now?” Who’ll be crying then? Let’s do it right, not let’s do it ‘okay for now’

  19. O.Rein, I am a supporter of this referendum, and I must say, you sound more repetitive than all the phone calls I received today.

    Giving this “future this, fostering environment that” speech may work for some, but let’s stick to the facts because you’re making us logical “vote yes” folks look bad. That looks like a pep rally speech, and this community is no stadium crowd.

    Well it seems that we have mostly been playing nice on this referendum issue… at least we are keeping it mainly civil. And Cindy, I never was a fan of the Equinox anyway… that may be why we disagree!

    All in all, while I do not fully support this referendum, I am voting yes because I found it a reasonable compromise. Drive safe to those polls, folks.

  20. And BrkfldDad, I stand corrected. My apologies to Shawn. I saw “past 3 years” instead of 4 and assumed that made him a senior.

  21. BrkfldDad says:

    Driver, well said. I respect your opinion and thank you for acknowledging the civil discourse. I guess I am just glad I am out of town and missed all the calls (voted absentee last week!). And… you are right, I can’t stand the Equinox either, it’s no wonder GM’s sales have plummeted!

  22. (demure insecure voice)
    I kind of like the Equinox. Maybe it’s a girl thing.

  23. Stimpy, I agree with you on two things.

    1. FranklinNOW had its bad moment, and God forbid it ever comes back. I don’t believe any Franklin readers needed to read some of the pure garbage at times.

    2. There’s always room for improvement. Even brand new computers, cars, and buildings always have specifics that when bought or moved into, the owner realizes, “Hey, that could have been better planned/designed/worked into/etc!”

    I think Driver has it right on the head. It’s understandable for taxpayers to not want to pay for the Escalade or Aston Martin of high schools. I think that would be unacceptable, unless of course you’re getting the Aston Martin for half price! But when you have schools that aren’t up to snuff anymore, and need some fixing, repair, and remodeling – that to me sounds like what Driver mentioned – an old car that functions but is rusty, has poor gas mileage, and the heater isn’t very good. So, why is there a pickle to upgrade to a newer car?

    And hey – Kyle and you, Cindy, are opposed to air-conditioned rooms for students? What? I’m sorry, but why should any school district build something today, or remodel something, without including air conditioning? This isn’t the mid-1900s, ladies! Everything has air conditioning today – including your homes and cars. Granted, I’m sure students will feel a bit uncomfortable (FHS has some rooms without A/C still so I know how that is), but if you’re doing something new you do it as right as possible now instead of piece-by-piece with inflation increasing.

  24. If it’s new schools I support air conditioning. Retrofitting into an old building is simply not cost-effective.

    I will say the heat affects me pretty quickly. Once it hits about 75-80 the entire 2nd floor of east is hardly breathable. It affected my school work, yes. It made me very uncomfortable and our entire school sinky.

    But in a community where, as i’ve said many times before, my 85 year old great grandparents can survive without air conditioning, I think we can until our financial situation looks better.

  25. That’s stinky not sinky (as in, “of or resembling Lisa Sink.”)

  26. Shawn, how many days a year was it like that? I argue the district could do away with all of those three day weekends for educators and compact the school year resulting in fewer warm weather days at school.