Leaky pipe reply

This guy really gets me. He thinks I should have seen the leaky pipe in one of the many tours arranged by the district. What he ignorantly suggests is that the pipe would have been leaking then, and the district has purposely ignored the repaired.

Smith earlier wrote that he arranged two interviews within the same notice yesterday.

I have asked TMJ4 if they will provide a connection to the clip that aired this morning.

From: Andy Smith [mailto:smithan@elmbrookschools.org]
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 3:25 PM
To: Cindy Kilkenny
Subject: Re: Request to view Central

Hello Cindy:

Thank you for your request. I’m sorry that we are unable to fulfill it today.

As you know, a number of mechanicals tours were offered in the months leading up to this date. Did you not avail yourself of any of those opportunities? You were on a tour of Central this past weekend. Did you not go on the mechanicals tours then, either? We scheduled tours during the morning hours, the afternoon hours, the evening hours and even on weekends. People were arranged for to staff these tours at those times.

You are making a request for immediate access to an area of the building to which, because of the danger involved, public access is restricted without the person or group being personally accompanied. I just got back into the office within the last half-hour and in processing emails, just got your request.

Dr. Gibson is in a meeting. Central Principal LaBonte has been in an all-day meeting. He just got back to the school and is going into a meeting with a parent at the end of the school day. At Central, at East and at all the district’s buildings the custodial, teaching and administrative staff are doing all the things they must do to keep a successful school running well … that’s why we had a schedule of many tour opportunities. Parents sometimes call and ask for a tour and we do all that we can to accommodate them; sometimes it happens on the same day but most of the time a meeting is set up for a later date that happens to be mutually convenient.

We also try to diligently respond to media requests whenever we can, but even reporters and editors must also, at times, wait until there is someone available, and then set up a mutually convenient date and time. If you need an answer and a tour right now, I’m sorry that the answer must be no. If you can wait until a day on which someone is available and can be scheduled, we are happy to accommodate you.

On the other hand, you can get a copy of the news broadcast almost immediately (and depending on what arrangements you make with WTMJ-Channel 4 for proper crediting, are most likely able to post a clip of the water softener room where the video was shot, which is directly adjacent to the boiler room at Central, on your blog if they do not object. In this way, you would have the very same clip that aired and not a photo taken on a different day from possibly a different angle, etc., etc.) You may be aware that viewers are able to make requests for dubs of almost any of the local station’s newscasts. You may call the main WTMJ switchboard for that information. I did not happen to tape any of the news channels yesterday.

Thank you for your request. I am sorry that at this time, we are unable to accommodate you immediately.

– Andy Smith
Director of Communications


  1. What an unnecessarily long way to say “no.”

  2. BrkfldDad says:

    It all makes perfect sense. That’s why when Charles Gibson asks to walk the halls with a third party sometime in the afternoon of Monday they are able to accomodate him near immediately, but they can’t squeeze you in in the forseeable future.

  3. “Charles Gibson”

    tee hee

  4. Or Cindy, just walk into the school yourself…

  5. BrkfldDad says:

    Wow, that was some kind of weird Freudian slip on my part, BENSON(!)… wonder what that means about my psyche at this point?

  6. I laughed BrkfldDad because Elmbrook Communications Director Andy Smith also called him “Gibson” in his lengthy explanation today.

  7. Kathryn says:

    Charles Gibson is the ABC anchor–it’s not necessarily Freudian.

  8. Winegirl says:

    Blah, blah, blah—