Well, it’s over. (Book club was fun, thanks for asking.)

It looks like we have a new municipal judge. Recounts rarely change a final vote – but it is city wide and the margin is 10. I think it’s safe to say Warchol won.

I’m 3 of 4 in my choices for the Common Council. Dan Sutton, breath. And congratulations. Ron Balzer, I told you there was nothing to worry about. (Hmm…will Shaw keep his blog?) Renee Lowerr called a few minutes ago. She’s very excited and I’m happy for her. Sadly, while Halmstad had a good show, it wasn’t enough to topple the incumbent.

We could start seeing Mayor Jeff Speaker have to weigh in on more tied votes. The next battle is for Council President. Ponto failed to resurrect his favorites in the 1st, 3rd, and 7th. He did keep Owen. I’ll have to think through it all later.

Sadly for my investment, the referendum did pass. On the bright side, the district will finally shut up and get on with their wasteful spending. My daughter’s final two years will be full of contractors and dust. I’d move her, but she likes it there. And…East is getting the bulk of improvements, so I’ll smile and tell prospective buyers someday that their high school is air conditioned! God willing, they’ll be so impressed with the the garden that they’ll forget to look at taxes.

Politics is a little like religion. The more you know the more you question.

Hey, maybe Andy Smith will stop sending me love letters! And Scott Walker’s returning.

Like I said, life will go on.


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    I think the definition of a blog is that you have to post something, topical to the blog’s intent, on a regular basis. If so, Jack doesn’t have a blog!

    I also get a kick out of the 4100+ voters who voted against Dave Marcello. I know the other candidate wasn’t running anymore, yet still on the ballot, but it sure seems like a message. Same held true for the District 1 race!

  2. El gato says:

    As a poll worker I can say that I observe many don’t seem to know who the candidates are and are voting for the name they recognize. Issues and
    positions are not at all understood by way to many voters. Inspite of that we did get some needed changes at all levels, and maybe…just maybe…the voters are waking up. Let’s hope that Speaker’s days, along with his cronies, are numbered. Until we get a mayor and council that is more representative of the taxpayers there will still be fractious debate in the City.

    I’m so happy that the folks in Milwaukee finally woke up and tossed the thug McGee out of office.
    He’s where he belongs! They also send Lena the big spender back to Madison where she can continue to ruin State budgets. Butler can go home and stew. It is indeed a happy day!

  3. El gato says:

    Lisa Sink (isn’t there a “t” missing?) has an article on BrookfieldNow trying to make it sound like the community was for the referendum but I’m not buying it. Taxpayer/voter apathy is what did it! Does anyone have the number of “yes” votes from 2007 to compare to this time? You know that they voted “yes” again and they voted, so if the number is the same you know that what was lost were the “no” voters who stayed away.

  4. I know. I thought it sounded a little sunny (even given the day!) for a 52% to 48% vote.

    El gato, let it go. It’s over. No voters stayed home because they didn’t care anymore.

    It’s not the end of the world. Besides, we can always start a commune in Hartford or something!

  5. El gato says:

    I guess you’re right. Maybe it will be in the mid-50’s in a couple days and the hog can make a Spring appearance! Oh, joy! Life is good!

  6. El gato says:

    It’s interesting to see who is reading Cindy’s site. See the following email exchange. It was nice of her to supply the info and make my point. I think she sees the logic of it. With about 7600 children in the system and allowing two children per family, or one child per one voter, it’s easy to see how we got to the “yes” number. See the email exchange below.

    Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2008 6:18 PM
    Subject: RE: Elmbrook referendum


    I just saw your posting on Kilkenny’s site.
    Here are the numbers you were talking about:
    Last year, the $99.3 million main question was 6,980 yes and 11,058 no. Last year the $9.5 million separate field house question was 6,435 yes and 11,415 no.
    This week the $62.2 million was 7,557 yes and 6,923 no
    So yes votes year-to-year INcreased by 577 and no votes DEcreased by 4,135!
    Interesting! Thanks
    The question is where did those 4,000 no voters go this time? Some may be in the 577 but lots more must have stayed home or left it blank……


    From: El gato []
    Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2008 5:55 PM
    To: Lisa Sink
    Subject: Elmbrook referendum


    The referendum passed for one and only one reason…the apathetic voters who didn’t bother to get off their lazy butts and go vote! Look at the number of “yes” votes this time and compare it to the last time. The difference is slim and you know they voted the same both times. It’s the “no” voters who just couldn’t be bothered to vote, so they can now pay higher school taxes for 20 years, and it’s good for them. I was a strong opponent for an unwise plan by the ESB! I have ZERO confidence in them, and I’m certain that there will be NO academic improvement after spending all this money just to look good. I was in favor of doing neglected maintenance however but that was never offered as an option.

    Grant Thomas

  7. El gato –

    Man, I’m sorry I was so quick to dismiss your point. You are right, and we should have realized, there would be one vote per child in the system.