Schellinger plays by his own rules


I’m sure his friend Scott Berg will have a perfectly reasonable explanation for us later today. Read more on Practically Speaking.


  1. Kathryn says:

    I vote in district 7 too. The signs were even worse just up the block from where Kyle took her photos. I think there were two for Renee (corner lot, two streets) and a sea of them for Tom. I mistook it for a family feud!

  2. Schellinger is a big supporter of Mayor Jeff Speaker’s, so don’t expect Brookfield to even bother to slap Schellinger’s hand.

  3. He has used those blue “Vote Schellinger” signs for YEARS… for the Mayoral primaries for the 02 race, district elections… etc. I’m all for recycling, but I think seeing these signs over the last 6 years (though they’ve probably been around longer) is ridiculous.

  4. Winegirl says:

    Perhaps he defines himself by public affirmation? Pity the fool–