Voter turnout Brookfield District 2

1608 at 7:00 p.m. with active traffic, but no line to vote. Again, last year about 2200 voted for the referendum.

Ah, I’m not sure I like a lower turnout. It could be NO voter couldn’t vote YES, but didn’t want to vote NO. It could also mean that YES voters with younger children are disoriented after the school spring break.

I hate not knowing!

Consider this your gloat thread. Please be nice to me if I lose one or two positions tonight. I told you why. I didn’t call you stupid if you disagree. Try to make a point without making an enemy.

See you about 10pm!


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    No results posted, but JSOnline reports referendum carried 1,101 to 1,000 in Elm Grove

  2. That is huge considering they voted a wider margin against than Brookfield last time around.

  3. JSonline is reporting the referendum is passing 54% to 46%.

  4. Lisa Sink must be loving the scoop.

  5. BrkfldDad says:

    Can’t decide which is more depressing. The ‘status quo’ vote across the board in all races/referendums, or Tom Crean leaving for Indiana!

  6. Is TMJ reporting it failed????

  7. Congratulations……You have spoken for all children and all families and your community. Those who worked tirelessly, to seek honest numbers, honest dollars, to explain and to research……you are to be commended for your diligence, your tenacity and your willingness to take the negative and to fight the good fight for our children and our future. Thank you!!!!!!!

  8. TMJ is saying referendum passed

  9. O. Rein – do you live in our community?

  10. BrkfldDad says:

    Spoke a bit too early. 7 comes in and Renee Lowerr wins and that district swings the Judge vote by 10 to Warchol (can you say recount?).

    At least Milwaukee tossed Mike McGee and the Falls trounced Davis!

  11. BrkfldDad says:

    Gotta love JSOnline. Painfully slow updating the counts on their ‘Local Election Results’ site, way behing their updated newswatch blurbs, and now they whack the links to virtually all the Waukesha races so we can’t see the results even if we wanted to!

  12. kathleenm says:

    Bummer, Cindy,

    The referendum passes.

    At least, Dan Sutton won. Halmstad lost.

    No word on Renee Lowerr yet.

  13. And somehow, I think I’ll live to see another day. I think i’m ok with this, but now is the time for advocacy for our causes.

    I know I’m rooting for a Forensics Office (which was taken away and given a slice of the CCRC).

  14. It will be years before it’s all sorted out.

  15. Cindy, consider your words and your thoughts as you “blog”. There is much to be gained and your perspective matters. Thank you.
    May you in your community unite tonite and tomorrow for your future.

  16. Oh, dear. I do wish I understood what you are saying. You were quite odd this morning, and sound rather opposite tonight.

    I do think I’ve figured out who you are, though.


  17. Oh dear – this isn’t yet ANOTHER personality shining through is it? How many are in there???

  18. I do hope we’ll be left in peace, but no, it’s not Andy Smith like “Walter” and “Believing in Brookfield” before that. There may have been one in between…

  19. Kathryn says:

    Sounds like a benediction. Accept it as good will and move on?

  20. Benediction – good choice of words. It did sound like one.

  21. El gato says:

    Ah, it’s still good to be alive! My perspective is that the “yes” voters still turned out in numbers and the “no” voters lost due to apathy by too many. Last year there was a 58% turnout and I can’t find this year’s percent yet. My take is this for anyone who needs some consolation…..

    1. Aside from the needed repairs, this is largely a
    waste of money. The “yes” voters will discover
    that it does NOTHING to improve the actual
    academic education of their little darlings.
    2. At least the “yes” voters have to pay for it too,
    and I suspect many live in the McMansions and
    will be paying more than the “no” voters.
    3. The apathetic who let government take more
    of their income every year will have to pay for
    this for the next twenty years too.
    4. I believe the “no” voters will be proven right
    by the time this process is completed. Results
    will be disappointing, costs will be exceeded,
    and the district will be looking for yet more
    money in a higher tax rate. Wait until we are
    able to compare what Brookfield Academy got
    for $12 million with what we get for $62!

    The good thing is that this ugly, contentious difference of opinion is finally behind us. The bad news is that Gibson got a big raise, the incumbents were reelected, and our taxes continue to rise without a corresponding increase in our quality of life.

    But remember this when pondering the problems with government….He is risen

  22. Cheri M. says:

    The only other Walter I’ve known has been a character in a kid’s book, “Walter the F*rting Dog”.

    Nothing but hot air… ;o)

    If you’re going to choose a name, please choose wisely. For instance it would be clever to perhaps call yourself Cheri-M or something and thereby get Cheri M. in trouble with Cindy and the general population. ;o)

    Time to roll up sleeves and go to work on that Milwaukee Magazine designation for top ranked school district. There are many positives to look forward to.

    He is risen, Alleluia!

  23. I thought he was my old art teacher at East for a while!

  24. El gato says:

    Ah ha! BrookfieldNow has confirmed what I surmised. The “No” voters of last year stayed home this year and delivered a victory to the EBS and “Yes” voters. Well, at least they have 20 years worth of higher school taxes to combine with all the other higher costs of living to remind them that they neglected their right and duty as citizens to vote.

    Hopefully the ESB will realize that they won only by default and the community did not give them a vote of confidence. This should make them exercise due diligence on this project and try to redeem their reputation as a board that “gets the job done” before the next election for members!

  25. Indeed it seems there was a group of last year’s voters that couldn’t say no again, but didn’t want to say yes, either.

    I sure hope Elmbrook realizes how they’ve divided the community. It will take a while to get back on track. No cares, they’ll be rolling in bonded dollars very shortly.

  26. The same way they won on Dixon and Brookfield El: Victory by apathy.