It was a good night for fairly conservative voters

Walker stays as executive for Milwaukee County.

Gableman wins a place on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Doyle’s favorite budget tool, affectionately known as the Frankenstein Veto, lost voltage.

The left side of the blogosphere is rather quiet tonight…


  1. We’re all drinking the Kool-Aid…

  2. Is it sweetened?

  3. No, but November will be sweeter than tonight ever could have been!

  4. Cute Dean.

    Man, I don’t know why the phrase bugs me Shawn, but I really avoid using it.

  5. Kathryn says:

    Maybe because it makes light of horrors that we still remember? That’s the nature of gallows humor though; I thought it was funny.

  6. El gato says:

    Ah yes….the Frankenstein veto! Another victory for common sense! Life is looking brighter this morning. I too am looking forward to November with some hope. As the lies and deceit by both Hillary and Obama continue to be exposed, it makes it seem that it is not inevitable that we will be cursed with one of them as our leader. “Hope springs eternal in the heart of man.”

  7. I don’t think you’ll find too many folks on the left who are too terribly upset about the Frankenveto being amended out of existence, simply because it was ripe for exploitation by Democrats and Republicans alike. To me, voting to amend it out of existence was a pretty common-sense thing to do, and ultimately, our governor will still have some of the broadest veto powers in the nation, so I don’t see this as anything but a win-win situation.

  8. Zach, it is nice when we agree on something like this. I’m glad it was good for both sides.

  9. I also joined Zach and you, Cindy, in voting to knock the Frankenveto out permanently.

    Enough’s enough! Even though dad and I got in a little debate about it earlier today.