Wham! Wack! Splat. Crunch.

And that’s only trying to get to the kitchen sink!

It seems that every small living creature that can find its way into my kitchen on this sunny spring day has found its way. I have Asian beetles and ants mostly. Of course there’s the required spider. I feel like I’m running a home for wayward insects.

Generally I don’t kill stuff. I usher flies out of the house, etc. But today it seems I’ve met my match. I can not, even with my powerful gift of persuasion (one is to recognize that as a statement of irony) convince two dozen ants to march in the opposite direction. Hence the noise above.

Home remedies anyone? I wasn’t planning a trip the store, but may end up there anyway for ant killer.

Please don’t think less of me.


  1. Maple syrup and dish soap (or any other fatal checmical) in a shallow dish seems to work quite well

  2. Shawn! Roundy’s pancake syrup and Dawn dish soap is doing the trick. Thanks.

    Dan – read up and we’ll start the 17th.