Carol Deptolla – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel food critic

She’s written her first review. It will be printed in Friday’s paper.

Ok, we’ve broken into new territory and started and Fairly Conservative book club. (Walden and Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau. Discussion starts April 17th.) Does anyone fancy a dining club? We could head to the reviewed restaurants and offer our own critique.

We could always bring laptops and cell cards and avoid actually talking to each other.


  1. Bejeweled?

  2. I can set up a separate page and give it a link on the left side at the bottom, kind of where the ad is now.

    No kidding, we should consider it. (You can all pitch in and buy my dinner.)

  3. I think it will look similar to the “about” page if it all goes well. Maybe I’ll put the link on the header instead.

    Right now I’m impressed with myself that I understood your very silly bejeweled explanation!

  4. El gato says:

    I have a feeling that Carol was a great fan of William F. Buckley Jr.