Mayor Jeff Speaker wants park space for north side fire station

From the staff report for next Monday’s Plan Commission meeting:

Fire Station No. 2 Discussion – Fairview North Park

Report: 1. Fairview North Park is located at 4125 North Calhoun Road. The site is zoned “R-3” Single-family Residence District. Fairview North Park is classified as a “Neighborhood Park” in the City’s Park and Open Plan 2001. As such it is part of the 1,800 acres of land contained in 24 city parks. In conjunction with the more than 1,000 acres of open space contained in wetlands, woodlands and other important natural resource features the total park / open space acreage in the City equals approximately 10% of the City’s total land area.

2. The site is addressed in the Capitol Drive Corridor Study, #2 – 1999. The recommended land use is recreational/open space.

3. The site is located in the Calhoun Road/Capitol Drive node, one of ten areas identified as Targeted Intervention Areas (TIA) in the Brookfield Year 2020 Master Plan (Master Plan). The adopted node plan is the Neighborhood Plan for the Calhoun Road & Capitol Drive Node (Plan). There is no specific text referring to the park in the Plan; however, the recommended land use plan illustrates a future park pavilion accessed by a pedestrian path that traverses the southern boundary of the site and connects to pedestrian paths to the south and southwest. Per the executive summary of the Neighborhood Plan for the Calhoun Road & Capitol Drive Node, the Plan meets the goals and objectives of the Master Plan by,
• Creating a pedestrian-friendly environment with a mix of uses and services.
• Introducing multifamily housing in proximity to services and public amenities
• Providing a transition between commercial along Capitol Drive and the existing single-family housing neighborhoods with multifamily housing.
• Integrating streets and pedestrian/bike paths between the neighborhoods and the amenities on Capitol Drive.
• Capitalizing on the views of downtown Milwaukee.
• Including public open spaces in each quadrant.
• Including pedestrian connections to surrounding neighborhoods.
• Integrating parking plazas with clear quadrant circulation.
• Connecting the quadrants with an internal loop road.
• Positively impact existing neighborhoods with high quality design and development and the inclusion of neighborhood amenities.

It is not uncommon to have neighborhood plans “silent” on the location of public facilities such as utility substations or fire stations as such require technical analysis for proper locating. The technical analysis is not typically available at the time of plan preparation.

4. Subsequent to the preparation and adoption of the aforementioned plans, the Uniform Fire/EMS Service Delivery Task Force delivered to the Common Council a report dated June 1, 2006 recommending relocation of Fire Stations 2 and 3 to unspecified locations along north and south Calhoun Road. The applicant is requesting Plan Commission direction regarding compatibility of the proposed use, i.e. Fire Station 2, in the context of the adopted node plan, Fairview North Park and the adjoining neighborhood.

5. Fire stations are conditional uses that may be permitted in any use district upon specific authorization by the Common Council pursuant to a public hearing procedure.

6. The concept plan for the fire station and other improvements to Fairview North Park illustrates a new park pavilion.

Recommendation: No action is required; however, staff recommends that the Plan Commission discuss the proposal in relation to the Neighborhood Plan for the Calhoun Road & Capitol Drive Node and the suitability of the proposed site plan in a neighborhood context.


  1. Lucky Lady says:

    Why doesn’t VK donate some of his Capitol Heights property for the fire station? Last I heard, it wasn’t selling. He can make another deal with the city. Leave our parks alone.