Say what?

BrkfldDad, your wish is my command.

I’ve started it. You all take your turn at filling in the talking balloons.

Say What


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Labonte – Matt, with all this extra money, can we get another round of drinks?

    Gibson – Don, Don, look, if I hold this pad of paper in my left hand, then I only gesticulate with one hand when I talk.

  2. That’s pretty funny. Gibson does get rather animated.

  3. LaBonte – With all this extra money, can we put Root Beer in the bubblers? Pretty please?

    Gibson – I’m one step ahead of you. We’re ripping them out and hiring Cindy Kilkenny to hand out water bottled from the leaky pipe.

  4. L: Can you believe it only took 2 tries to “finally get AN answer” that we wanted (see Bowers quote for reference to the quote).
    G: I know. Andy put together this list of condescending comments. Aren’t they great?

  5. BrkfldDad says:

    G: See, I told you I, er the citizens, would win! Now, I can be emperor of the Elmbrook School District and you my trusty superintendent.

    L: We are, two wild and crazy guys!

  6. G: New gyms: $21 Million
    Upgrade HVAC $26 million
    Paying for it via referendum and not the operating budget

  7. MU Fan, that’s my favorite so far!

  8. MU-Fan, yours is PRICELESS. It said it all, and tastefully too.

  9. Cheri M. says:

    L: Have a pretzel, they’re REALLY GOOD!
    G: I’ll use the tablet as a shield so only you will see when I point out who didn’t wash their hands before taking some!

  10. If you look at Gibson’s left hand, I think he’s giving us the finger