What recession?

So why all this talk of recession? It’s an election year. The “R” word is often used to signal to the American voter that change is demanded. Who benefits from change this November? Democrats.

I suppose it’s semantics, and in reality a recession isn’t measured until after the fact, but from what I could research, the US economy still isn’t there. Granted, consumer confidence is down (a good thing in my opinion because spending has been crazy the last few years), the housing market is under a considerable correction, and the stock market lost momentum. Yes, jobless claims increased to 407,000 for the week ending March 29; yes, there’s more data tomorrow that isn’t expected to be great, but in general employment is strong compared to other countries. (And Ms. NAFTA-thang, what’s up with Mexico doing better than the US?)

An economic slowdown is not the same as a recession. Ask Mr. Bernanke.

Brookfield, shutty. You don’t get to whine about your deplorable economic conditions the same season you approve a 62.2 million dollar bonding. All you local Democrats that just voted to improve our “deplorable” schools will have to eat this one as you advocate for change. You’ve lost your right to the word recession as you head into the presidential election.


  1. Yep. Another gloat in the MSM allows another day to groan.

    Really, Dan. It’s the main thesis: you can’t have it both ways if you are a Brookfield Democrat that supported the referendum.

  2. Welcome to Thoreau.

  3. Dave Frank says:

    Nah. I am a New Deal Democrat. We need to spend our way out of the recession with public works projects!

  4. What recession?

  5. Dave Frank says:

    I was actually just joking. We may not be in one, or ever actually go into one. Either way, I have always thought it was silly that we blame anyone for economic downturns. Economies are cyclical.

    The poltical parties both love to use the “R” word when it is to their advantage. It’s not just the Ds.

  6. Gotcha. I’m a big fan of long-wave economic theory.

    Working on another post “Tax and Spend Conservatives” It should be fun.

  7. Dave Frank says:

    That’s sounds right up my alley.

  8. Cindy, to say it was “Brookfield Democrats” who are at fault for this is a little bit of a stretch. There are no Brookfield Dems!

    Jut kidding. But seriously, find me more than a handful that are willing to admit it.

  9. I didn’t say that, Shawn.