Clean Sweep Wisconsin

Former Wisconsin State Senator Tom Reynolds is here. He has a table for Clean Sweep Wisconsin. The domain is registered to his home address.

Reynolds was talking with Jim Burkee, who is running against 5th District Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner.


  1. That’s funny. Tom Reynolds wanting to move Wisconsin forward. He is the most backward person around. Except maybe for his buds, Donhal and JJ.

  2. Capper, make an argument, not an enemy. You wouldn’t want to be labeled a crankpot, would you?

  3. That, my friend, would be worthy of a couple of posts, but to outline some of the basics:

    He threatened Gretchen Schuldt with lawsuits when she reported on campaign financial improprieties.

    He put the faces of his family and himself on the nativity scene and sent them out as Christmas Cards.

    He’s violated people’s rights to privacy.

    He’s tried to pass some really strange legislation, which added to his short tenure in the legislature.

  4. Trixie98 says:

    Tom Reynolds was a state senator not an assemblyman. He served from 2002-2006 in the State Senate seat that is now held by Senator Sullivan

  5. I’m gonna side with capper on this one. Tom Reynolds is a crankpot himself and anyone who denies it is either a cronies or a crankpot them self.

  6. Some solid examples would improve your argument.

  7. Thanks Trixie, I’m sorry to get this wrong and will correct it above.

  8. Think capper got that covered.