It’s the abortion talk

Sue Armacost, Director of Legislation, Wisconsin Right to Life


  1. Lucky Lady says:

    This is definitely a conservative issue. As I understand, Obama is in favor of partial birth abortions. Partial birth abortions should be considered murder. How can a presidential candidate endorse this cruel procedure?

  2. Just as easily as another can endorse 100 years of bloodshed.

  3. Kathryn says:

    I doubt there are a great mass of liberals in favor of this procedure either, though many will favor some form of abortion rights. I believe the latter was at the core of Obama’s lack of support for a bill banning partial birth abortions. There are a number of lengthy explanations on the web if you want to look deeper. It is difficult to discuss abortion at all with so many people on both sides willing to be polarized by extreme cases.

  4. Shawn, I wish you would be somewhat restrained in your zeal to be flippant. I know you are trying to draw some parallel but whether babies or soldiers we are still discussing lives being lost.

  5. Lucky Lady says:

    Shawn, John McCain didn’t mean 100 years of bloodshed and you know it. How many years have we had troops in Germany, Japan, South Korea, etc. Look at all the bloodshed there! If you’re going to argue, skip those stupid comments that you know very well are not true.

  6. Kathryn says:

    I will opine that Shawn’s remark was intentionally specious. I missed the point at first.

  7. Kathryn’s right, as usual. I’m just stirring the pot.

    And I’ll step off the specious wagon for a moment to opine myself: I hate abortions. I think we should do whatever possible to stop them, including expanding adoption, anti-poverty efforts and sexual education.

    That being said, I do support abortion rights. I’m really conflicted over partial-birth. My heart says no and my head tells me it’s not my decision.

    Overall, I don’t think anyone really desires abortions…unless you’re in the business?

  8. Kathryn says:

    Go with your heart on this one.

  9. And Lucky Lady, we have no business with those permanent bases in the aforementioned countries.

    Russia has a total of 8 bases abroad.
    China has 0.
    We have over 250.

    And Kathryn, I would go with my heart if I didn’t think it infringed on a right to privacy. That’s the catch.

  10. El gato says:

    Notice how I’ve stayed out of the discussion on this. You know I have strong feelings on both abortion and national defense, but I don’t want to cause the kids anymore anxiety and I’m avoiding expressing my feelings. The One who matters knows MY heart!

  11. Kathryn says:

    Russia just recently disgorged Central Asia. Before that, they got around the problem of foreign bases by annexing whole nations.

    If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck….
    Go with your heart, Shawn. Right to privacy is meaningless at that point it sanctions barbarity.

  12. and going with your heart is meaningless in a world on the slippery slope of privacy degradation. That’s the point, I guess.

    On the abortion issue I really respect and understand the view of everyone (except holier than thou) because it’s such a touchy and personal issue.

    When in doubt, err on the side of government not telling you what to do.

  13. Russia (The Soviet Union) is not a valid comparison, it went bankrupt by the end of the 1980’s. The total economic collapse could barley sustain Moscow and the satellite states had to be dropped.

    There is no comparable comparison in the world as to what the U.S. has done for good or bad. The U.S. maintains longterm military bases in areas that are previous hot spots for many purposes. After the government is established they may ask us to leave at any time and the nation keeps the infrastructure that we built. The Philippines is the most recent example of the U.S. pulling out after the host nation no longer desired us to be involved.

  14. Well at least we know it could sustain barley!

    Anyhow, Okinawa is a prime example of residents wanting us out (missle tests, drunk driving by corpsmen, recent murders and rapes) and the US sitting idly by.

  15. Kathryn says:

    The slippery slope argument is sort of what I was getting at when I mentioned polarizing extremes. Somewhere between declaring that cells are people and infanticide is a middle ground that probably most of us could be comfortable on–if only we could get off the slopes. I don’t think we are there yet, but we might be getting closer.

  16. Cheri M. says:

    Speaking of abortion, the board meeting coming uo this week on Tuesday April 8th will discuss the Human Growth and Development classes for our public schools.

    All community members are welcome. Including Elmbrook parents and the parents and administrators/educators in local private/paraochial schools.

    The items discussed and decisions made will affect the future health and well-being of our students, their marriage prospects, and ultimately the composition of our community.

  17. El gato says:

    In order to minimize my arguments on hot button issues on Cindy’s site, I have started my own blog where I can try to present my views in a “kinder and gentler” manner but I still will be forthright, direct, and outspoken. I speak out because I care about our country and the future for my grandkids!

  18. Kathryn says:

    On a different subject, how was your ride today, el Gato? I noticed lots of people brought out the toys today. I saw some great cars.

  19. El gato says:

    The weather was perfect for riding. When it’s too hot or too cold it’s not as nice as when it’s just right for the leathers. Didn’t ride alot since I’m starting the project of replacing the boards on our deck. It’s about 17 years old and I used cedar thinking it didn’t rot. The vertical wood is good, but the flat boards are in bad shape due to water retention. I’m using treated lumber this time and I’ll put Thompson’s sealer on it so it lasts as long as I do…..15 more years or may be 27 (God forbid).

    Believe it or not, Ripley, I also vacuumed the grass around the deck. Sunflower seed husks and thistle husks and seeds like a carpet needed to be picked up! My wife says “No one would believe you vacuum the grass with a shop vac!”

  20. Winegirl says:

    My husband just spent the entire afternoon vacuuming our lawn near the curb (or I should say the first 10 feet from the curb) to offload the solid layer of sand and gravel that our great city snow plows left. They swept our street on Friday and did a really half-assed job of it with tons of sand and gravel left in the gutters.

    I called Kanavas Landscape to ask if they could clean up the mess and found they couldn’t do anything to get rid of the gravel mess. They said the only way to clean it up is to use a shop vac. So you are not crazy.


    If you have Directv satellite, you can watch the auction on Friday nights. Some of these cars sell for surprisingly low prices. If there is anything that makes me want “stuff”, it’s watching some of these cars come up. The 1958 Chevy convertible is to die for!

    I’m lucky to have a woods in the back of the lot so I can dispose of organic material easily and it just disappears in a couple of years.

  22. I had a little porch added a couple years back and used cedar for the same reason. The carpenter said it was important to leave little gaps for the water to run through. Seventeen years seems pretty good though, considering the exposure.

  23. From abortion to cars and gardening. What a crowd!

  24. And you posted hardly a thing to start the thread!

  25. If you have heard of J. Anthony Homes you know that the deck was built well. That company was started by my best friend’s son Joe. He started out by building decks as a fairly young man and didn’t know all that he knows now. He didn’t know that cedar rots, and he put the boards tight together so that they hold water. The deck structure is as solid as could be though. I’ll but the new boards on with a gap between them this time. That plus sealing should be very helpful for long life.

    Cindy, we’ve taken a “kinder and gentler” track to avoid getting into heated arguments on a topic that brings out the worst in some adherents.

  26. Winegirl says:

    We are replacing the horizontal board on our 9 year old cedar deck, due to rot, for the same reasons. We plan to use Trex lumber on the horizontal and make sure the boards have spaces between them. I had no trouble with my prior pressure treated deck, but there was spacing between the boards. Somewhere along the line, it became fashionable to butt the boards tightly together and as a result, we’ve had nothing but algae growth and a wet deck since then.

    El Gato said it correctly (about the other thing.)