Off topic, but to provide further evidence

I’m going to take a break to continue a couple of ongoing positions. I assert that the Democratic party pursues the “bad” economy to push for presidential turnover. I also assert that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel fails to provide a level platform to provide news. Today’s article puts both arguments front-page center and above the fold.

Consider the kicker headline: Employment numbers worse than expected; some say recession has arrived

When you read the article you find that a Madtown professor and Presidential hopeful Barack Obama are saying we’re in the midst of a recession. Other professional toward the end of the article say there is no recession.

“There can be no certainty that we are in a recession now,” said Ken Mayland, president of ClearView Economics, in Pepper Pike, Ohio. To officially be declared a recession by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the economy has to suffer a broad-based decline that lasts more than a few months, Mayland noted.

But the MJS gave the recession fear mongers the headline on this one. I wonder why?


  1. The press is always going to put the drama in the headline; the whole point is to attract attention.

    You are right about the Democratic faithful using the economic news to court public opinion, but the Republicans will do it too, when they can. Just last year in the State of the Union, the President told us that the economy was in great shape, with home-ownership at an all time high.

    Folks are folks.