Sensenbrenner gives Jay Weber a dollar

So that Weber can buy a carbon offset credit for the hot air he’s about to create.

Self-deprecating humor didn’t work here as he steps into is work against partial-birth abortion. The fight against partial-birth abortion is not hot air.

Eventually he moves into the environment, particularly Mr. Gore’s personal gains. He says the Kyoto agreement was set to increase energy costs in Wisconsin by 80%, while energy prices in the countries that are our competitors in this arena saw none.

Scott Walker earlier said that Wisconsin needs to engage in more nuclear energy. Sensenbrenner doesn’t go there, but suggests that we’ll soon be paying Illinois for carbon offset credits to keep using coal-fired plants.

He applauds Mike Gableman’s win last Tuesday.


  1. I’d like to see Texas and it’s neighbors pay for some carbon off-sets. We could use it to pay for our reformulated gas, which we need because that South-west smog stops here every summer.

  2. I’d like to see Sensenbrenner address s Earmarks, I’ve noticed he hasn’t stood with Ryan or the other solid-conservatives on this issue.

    To my knowledge, he hasn’t signed any pledges swearing off earmarks. His opponent has, however.