Clinton’s chief strategist makes an exit

It was a flap over a trade meeting with Columbia.


  1. From that link:
    “Although he still has not won over many conservatives, McCain made clear he planned a broader campaign than those run by President George W. Bush when he faces either Obama or Clinton as the Democratic candidate in the November election.”

    I’m not voting for that clown after the remarks he has made about the “religious right” which is another name for real Christians. I’ll be sitting this one out I’m afraid. McCain will try to pretend he’s a conservative, but he’s not although he’s not a liberal either. With a Democratic Congress he’d either get nothing done, or he’d cozy up to his buddies in the Democratic ranks. I don’t trust him!

  2. Why not vote 3rd party, Gato, or even Ron Paul write-in??

  3. I forgot to comment on the actual post: the is development is two-fold:

    1. The guy is a sleezebag and it’s sad it took Hillary this time to get rid of her.

    2. This is the manifestation of a week or so of whispers that Hillary’s top staff was getting ready to jump ship like rats. It’s a sign her campaign is dying.

  4. “1. The guy is a sleezebag and it’s sad it took Hillary this time to get rid of her.”

    Is this person a transvestite? LOL!

  5. Might as well be.

  6. While he had the unconditional support of both Hillary and Bill, Mark Penn was almost universally despised by other top-level members of the Clinton campaign, and despite reports he “asked” to leave, he was forced out, because him not leaving the Clinton campaign would have reeked of hypocrisy, given how her campaign attacked Barack Obama over a meeting one of his staffers had with Canadian officials regarding NAFTA.

  7. So we’re in a prolonged reality show called, “the last politician standing,” right?

  8. Isn’t that what politics is about?

  9. But I think it would be so much more fun as a game show. Maybe America would actually vote then!