So how many years do you have left?

I was goofing off on the internet and came across this life expectancy calculator. I remember something very similar a few years ago, so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m not unhappy with my results.

The feedback provides an opportunity to measure how much changes will add to your calculated life expectancy. I can capture another 6 1/2 years if I’m good. For instance, backing off on a little stress will get me 3 months. (That would mean giving up on the blogging of city/county/state/national/school district issues. I’ll sacrifice 3 months for the greater good of keeping readers informed.) The addition that always surprises me is flossing. Not to get personal, but I am not a flosser. Never have been. Thought I might become one after I had my braces removed a few years ago, but permanent retainers pretty much offed that goal.

Of course, the ever present need for exercise will increase my time here, too. Two years if I change my ways. I will pretend to think about it. Honestly, if exercise liked me I’d consider it. There’s no real evidence in the last 20 years that we’re going to be friends again. Do I want to add two years if it means I’ll be miserable every day of my life? (You can see this argument isn’t exactly going to be a fair one…)

No doubt good habits like not smoking, safe sex (not going there except to warn you that it’s on the list of questions), and always wearing a seatbelt helped me out. If all goes according to plan, I have a few good years left. I will say that genetics aren’t exactly on my side. Those questions were there, too.

That’s it. See where you stand.


  1. I got 91 years and I overstated the bad traits. The vegetarian factor added quite a few years on to my life.

  2. Great sadness – I’m losing years to the love for beef.

    It wasn’t one of the suggestions made. How do you know the “vegetarian factor” worked?

  3. El gato says:

    Calculated age 85, but could be 97. Oh, I hope not 97! I’m going to a better place and when this place gets really bad, or I get decrepit, I don’t wanna stay.

  4. I went back and changed the vegetarian/meat related answers and it took years off my life. I just retook it with more accurate responses and got 94.

    If I take an aspirin a day I can add 2 years, flossing can add 1 year.

    The other suggestions were about seeing the doctor more often.

  5. If I floss, take an aspirin, and exercise 5 days a week for 30 minutes I move to 97 years.

    Do I want that?

  6. Cheri M. says:

    I’ve heard that the time added to our life by exercise is exactly the amount of time we spend exercising!

    So if the calculator showed you gained an extra 2 years… you’d’ve just spent those 2 years exercising!

    (No net gain.) ;o)

  7. Well, I haven’t been to my tae kwon do class in about a year and I feel crummy. I keep thinking things will settle into a routine and I’ll have time to go, but nothing settles. I’m going to go back anyway,because, as I said, I feel crummy. If I’m going to break even, at least I’ll feel good.

  8. Cheri M. says:

    Kathryn, U R right!

    I started working in my garden again this weekend… when I stick with it, the exercise DOES make me feel great. The neighbor’s garlic mustard, however, doesn’t! Spent a few summers helping them minimize their overgrowth of the invasive weed, but it has jumped into our yard nonetheless. Ahhh, garlic mustard… more stress… but also more exercise!

  9. I got dinged on handling stress. It seems like a catch 22. If I handled it well, I wouldn’t feel stressed would I? On the other hand, if I go beat the wavemaster to release tension, does that mean I’m dealing ‘well’?