East educators enjoy Opening Day

Brookfield East is bustling with the news that several educators cut class for Brewer’s Opening Day festivities last Friday. Rumor has it that guidance counselor Joe Hennes was interviewed on a local news channel.

I have a request in to East Principal Brett Bowers to see who was missing during the afternoon game against the Giants.


  1. Just when we thought class-cutting was only cool for students…

    Wouldn’t the guidance counselor be smarter than that?

  2. Believe me, this one isn’t.

  3. The Roc says:

    Do you know what news station?

  4. It’s widely known that he owns a bar.

  5. Uh, not so widely known. I didn’t know until today 🙂

  6. Hey you guys – how many other interesting sidelines do East teachers have?

  7. It’s widely known by students and staff, maybe.

    The most worrying thing i found was on his myspace page: “Joe’s Interests: Furry things”

    I’ll let you figure out what that means…


  8. I’ll pretend I didn’t see that, Shawn.

    Any current B’East students on his friends page?

  9. On first look, no. It’s hard to tell on MySpace because there’s no identity or name verification.

    As for other teachers “sidelining,” there is nothing too interesting: Sue Miller teaches horseback riding. That’s about all I know.

  10. although I am not a Brookfield East student i do attend Brookfield Central and my general opinion is why is it Cindy’s business to exploit teachers taking one of the No questions asked personal days to go to opening day?

    in an article writen in NEAToday (Nation Educators Association) states that having a personal home page is suicide and is setting up a trap for accusations.

    However, our school district has no policy in regards to this so at most only a suspension can occur.

    Like i said, why is it cindy’s business if teachers want to take a break from school work to go on a day vacation, and relax. Teachers do have lives and everyone deserves 1 day off per semester which is what teachers are allowed.

    How they choose to spend that day is up to them and getting up in arms about this is pointless.

  11. Tom C needs to look up the definition of “exploit”.
    He also needs to pay more attention in his English classes to grammar, composition, and spelling.

  12. Tom C., of course it is important that teachers have a personal day available to them. It’s a burden to the district and to the students when they all bail out on the same day for group fun. A lot of substitutes were necessary and the students could have suffered from (gasp) lack of continuity in teaching. Although now that I’ve seen the list, I realize it was mostly PE teachers. I’m planning to ask for the Central list. I hear an administrator is on that one.

  13. you’re probably right, but, none of the student body has a problem with it. Yeah, some kids were saying ” I wish I was at the game and not here…” but thats it, all I’m asking is why does it matter? who benefits from knowing what teachers or administrators went?

    And Stumpy… as far as my spelling goes there was nothing wrong with it, or my composition for that matter. But when an AP Language and Composition teacher tells you how much they enjoy reading your papers, I think then I’m going listen to them over you.

  14. P.S. exploit was not the word I meant to use. I meant to say “Expose”

  15. Are you sure there’s nothing wrong? Better print a copy and have your AP Language and Composition teacher correct it for you. There are too many mistakes to enumerate. You are an prime example of today’s public school student…high opinion of self without merit.

  16. Oh for shame! I went and said “an prime example”. Now I have to sit in the corner too!

  17. BrkfldDad says:

    Tom – please take this to your teacher…

    “…taking one of the No questions asked personal days to go to opening day?” Huh??

    “in an article writen in NEAToday (Nation Educators Association) states” ?? Maybe ‘it states’ would work…

    Then try capitalizing the first word in a sentence, as well as proper names.

    Stumpy’s right, if this is AP English, it’s atrocious.

  18. This is just a blog though, you guys are tearing apart my grammer skills on a public forum because you have no arguement to back yourselves up and that just makes you look ridiculous.

    And so I forget to hit shift a couple of times while I’m typing… big deal, the only one whom I’ve heard an intelligent arguement from is Cindy. It’s not about how well the message is transcripted, but rather about the message itself.

    I thought that this would be a good place to share my views and other feelings about issues occuring in our community. But, like typical conservatives, with the exeption of Cindy, you find every little detail that you can pick and pull apart until it becomes about something that the original message had nothing to do about, i.e. grammer.

  19. Don’t let one rotten apple spoil the bunch. I’m a product of our schools (though only for the last 3 years) and I think my writing skills turned out fine.

    I didn’t think AP Language and Composition was being offered at BCHS this year. Maybe you took it last year and your skills are wearing off already.

  20. It is not a conservative issue; it is how you have chosen to express yourself. Even in a blog assumptions are made by whatever information is available. It may be easier if you rely on Word and copy past into the comments section.

  21. Actually Tom, Stimpy and I both use Firefox for a web browser – it catches spelling. Typing hear for here or a for an still gets through, though.

    I know you guys text and chat with a whole different set of priorities. We’re grumpy old farts here, so it matters to us.

    (Except we make mistakes too.)

  22. Yep, I’ve been on Firefox for years now.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Grammer (sic) … are you really an AP English student? This could be speaking volumes about Elmbrook teachers.

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  25. BrkfldDad says:

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