Let’s throw more money at combined dispatch

It is so much better than admitting you were wrong, especially if you are Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker’s right-hand-brain (aka The Director of All Things) Dean Marquardt. After all, Marquette probably INVENTED combined dispatch!

The Mayor promised to look into it. Instead of holding any real public airing, he got the county to throw in another $2 million.

It’s my understanding that the complaints regarding combined dispatch were personnel and training related, not equipment. But we’ll never really know now, will we? The review promised by the mayor has been tucked into a quiet place.

Instead, your tax dollars will be used to cover any trouble.

It’s taken me a couple of days to get them, but here are the draft minutes of the 1/08/08 Brookfield meeting where Marquardt and Speaker report on this issue. These minutes are not on the city’s Web site yet.


  1. I’ve already saved the county thousands on their “research” into a newer expensive-er dispatch system.

    Wait, that might be the Waukesha county officials at my door right now– nope. Just crickets…