Lying or incompetent?

You can trust me that “innocent” is not on the list of adjectives for 5th district Alderman Scott Berg.

Here’s the story. Twice in the last month an alderman for the City of Brookfield has relayed to me a bit of bragging that Berg has been doing. Vindicated in his success regarding the fire station relocation issue, he started telling about the opposition he received initially. In particular, two people independently conveyed the story of a man from the 1st aldermanic district that contacted Berg by e-mail. According to the story, this resident told Berg that his study was flawed.

Berg proceeded to look up the supervisor for the man writing the e-mail, call the company listed in the header, and “alert” them to the fact that their employee was using the company’s e-mail server to send non-company mail. Berg is big into intimidation. Heck, he even sent a few of us a photo of his appendix before it was surgically removed. He’s also been physically aggressive on the council floor.

As you saw earlier today, Berg admits to “vaguely remembering” the e-mails, but claims his computer ate the record legally subject to inspection under Wisconsin’s open records law. He was quick to provide several other pages of e-mails his computer managed to unveil. He just sent another e-mail suggesting that I should forgive him for his inability to handle his legal responsibility.

You choose: is Scott Berg lying or incompetent?


  1. Lucky Lady says:

    Can I vote for both?

  2. Hi Cindy, Scott has a lot of knowledge about how to move around in City Government and can manipulate the truth to fit his objective. I have had first hand observance of his ability to make comments that are favorable to him but don’t tell the whole truth. I am not friendly with in that atmosphere. Trying to calculate a next move, keeping some of the truth to your self. Saying only what is favorable to your own perspective . All kinds of ways to make commentary on how a politician conducts them selves.

    The good politicians get ganged up on by those telling the half truth’s and get beat up. Senator Proxmier is one of the few that was able to stand up to the Gang. The Clintons of course are the greatest example of no morality at all. Sex in the oval office, dogging sniper fire, babies being denied care at a hospital, oh who knows what else.

    The story being told here about Alderman Berg is just another saga in deception that is not needed. One of your bloggers here told of how the email could not have gotten lost. It appeared that he had a pretty sound backround in computer technology. I felt I could believe his explanation questioning Alderman Bergs explanation of how the email got “Lost”.

    Tough Battle, not many win’s. Maybe the email will be suddenly found on the dinning room table in the oval office.

    Thanks for your efforts, I saw the way you got beat up when you were an alderman. You really never get all what is going on in city government such as the Brookfield News source. No other way to find out except now for some of the blogging sites. So when I look back and try to remember some of the arguments you were expressing when you were in office I begin to understand the “Battle of Words” for power.

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    Well, you’ve got competition. Scott just started a blog called 359 Degrees on BroofieldNOW!

  4. Nah, I wouldn’t call it competition. It does show the NOW site must be in trouble if they finally put him on.

  5. BrkfldDad says: