Thank goodness they cover the hard news, too

Here’s a report on Brookfield resident Vince Kutemperoor’s $1 million gift to the Papal Foundation. There’s also a bit about the Pope blessing his grandchild.

Oh, yes, the first review of his monster project on Calhoun and Bluemound is scheduled for June 9.


  1. Lucky Lady says:

    His project looks like a big water user. With Brookfield having difficulty finding a new water source, the city should scale back the whole project. The density is just going to add a lot more congestion to our city. When will the city listen?

  2. El gato says:

    Today I saw someone mentioning that Brookfield is on the Money magazine’s list of 100 best places to live. Madison is at #46 and Brookfield is at #72. This list is completely phony because in 2007 Middleton, Germantown, New Berlin, and Franklin were all on the list and in 2008 they are all gone. It seems like the big attraction to make the list is a good business environment, and that is just what we are sick of! It was probably put on the list because of some contact that VK has.

    It also noted “good schools with high academic achievement”. Apparently they weren’t aware that our high schools are on the verge of collapse and our community becoming the laughing stock of all the suburbs. I bet when there is no more available land for VK to build his massive projects on he will have himself voted King by the common council and Speaker will retire.