Teachers gone wild (Update)

Nope. Doesn’t have the same ring to it. Anyway, see how many Elmbrook educators you can find in this Halloween party video. I only know two.

UPDATE – within half an hour of posting the link, this video was removed by the owner. I recognized Joe Hennes and Angela Barber from East. Anyone else catch anything?


  1. El gato says:

    Funny how quickly the video was removed after you put it up. Shows you’re being watched very closely!

  2. I’m checking my cache to see if I can recover it.

  3. Well since Joe Hennes doesn’t do much actual counseling, he probably moseyed on in.

  4. It does appear to be gone forever.

    Man, Elmbrook sure works fast! I guess that’s why they pay that Andy guy the big bucks…

  5. Maybe our first Fairly Conservative restaurant review should be out to Sloppy Joe’s. What does everyone think?

  6. The place was rockin, that’s for sure. It’s too bad everyone didn’t get to see it.

    So he’s not as successful as a high school guidance counselor as he is as a bar owner, huh?

  7. This is one situation where I would instruct him to “quit his day job [for the good of students in Elmbrook].”

  8. Are these guidance counselors you’re referring to that were in the video? What were the two of them doing?

    Seems stupid for an East staff member to have a myspace, youtube, etc. They’re asking for a spot of trouble.

  9. One, Joe Hennes, is a guidance counselor at East. He also owns a bar in Hubertis, WI.

    The video was an October (13th? 17th?) 2007 Halloween party at the bar. The place was packed. An East English teacher, Angela Barber, was introduced as ready to film “Teachers gone wild.” In general there was a lot of holding up bottled beer, passing around glasses, and music.

    A half hour after the link was made above, the video disappeared from You Tube.

  10. Driver, Joe Hennes is a Guidance Counselor at East, while Angela Barber is an English Teacher at East.

    Who knew Hennes was a party animal?

  11. Was this a staff party/were any of them engaging in questionable behavior? (not that this whole thing in itself isn’t questionable)

    While what one does on their time is technically “private,” the conflict here is that not only do teachers need to be held to higher standards for their behavior, but also, anything posted on the internet is fair game for anyone to use as they please.

    Videotaping a party in a bar with high school faculty involved and posting it for the world to see = not a bright idea. And that is strange enough that the video “disappeared.”

  12. To be a fly on the wall at East today…

    Someone just searched the site for: “jamie meulemans” and “mark adams”

    I wonder if they were also in the video. They are both Phy Ed teachers at East.


    Driver – Nothing illegal. They’re grown ups on their own time. It wasn’t vulgar or anything. (Ok, maybe that last dancing bit bordered on vulgar.)

    I think we’re all kind of amazed that this is such a party crowd. I have a daughter at East, so I’m curious when I stumble across stuff like this.

  13. I knew they were party animals…i’ve seen teachers at Summerfest, State fair, restaurants and other places with their party suits on. The difference, they were always professional about it.

  14. Sloppy Joe is in damage control mode. He removed the “furry things” from his interests, added more stuff and changed around other things.

  15. John Johnson says:

    I saw the video. There was nothing damaging in there. teachers are entitled to their lives. I also saw the comments on his myspace…Sloppy joe said he likes, Ewoks, Chewbaca and Sasquatch and other “furry things” no smoking guns there.

  16. I understand us regulars checking up on things… but Elmbrook staff browsing the blogs? Guess they see this as a threat…

    If nothing else, maybe they’ll learn not to be so careless.

  17. John that was after he changed his Myspace.

  18. You nailed it, Dan. If there’s nothing damaging, why aren’t we all enjoying it now?

    It’s complicated, I know. But there’s a public trust when you are an educator. And I’ve always taught my kids that their public internet presence is as important as brushing their teeth.

    Ok, well almost.

  19. And now you know why I have a Facebook page…

  20. Stating the obvious... says:

    Wow…you people need to get a life. I can’t believe you’ve been at your computers for over 4 hours now chatting about this! Why don’t one of you grow a pair and give Joe a call and ask him these questions? I guess it’s easier to just make assumptions.

  21. John Johnson sounded legit to me…

  22. Cindy,

    This is probably the most hilarious blog entry you’ve done to date.

    “Teachers Gone Wild!” What a crock.

    I expect to hear BEHS repremanding their staff who was present at this rowdy, possibly drunken bar fest. Honestly, I expect nothing LESS than that. It’s all about integrity for teachers.

  23. Dear stating the obvious,

    I do believe the “pair” you suggest I grow are biologically impossible.

    There’s no need to call Joe. I saw the video. It’s no big deal. The only intrigue is that it disappeared, and that’s completely within the owner’s right.

    Given your reaction I am a little curious. Is this as insignificant as you portend?

  24. anything new on Mike Sprinkel? When will he be extradited?

  25. As of 3/14/08:

    May attend school funcitons where females may be present. May pick up and drop off children from school, may attend teacher’s conferences. Defendant still may not have unsupervised contact with any female juvenile escelt for his two daughters. Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008 must not be in the presence of female juveniles without adult supervision.

    Hearing scheduled for 04-16-2008 at 10:00 am.

  26. Teachers gone wild…heh.

    Nice job, Cindy!

  27. Jay Wirth says:

    Try searching the teachers on the WI circuit court website…I believe Brett Bowers has a speeding ticket for going 15 over, and Corey Golla was caught trout fishing during closed season…Gasp! See what else you can find.

  28. Jay, I think that’s what the kids do all day on those new computers. I’m sure they’ll let us know if anything interesting pops up.

  29. Rediculous says:


    Do you have lives? Do you sit at home all day and see how many people you can try to gossip about? Maybe you all should get some jobs and mind your own business. I just look at all these posts and I’m baffled. Why don’t you go do something productive? You all got wayyy too much time on your hands.

  30. Funny Dan. You’re some kid.

    Actually, I was just thinking how “you’ve got too much time on your hands” is a pretty common response when someone gets caught with their pants down, so to speak.

    I was also hoping that it wasn’t one of the teachers in the video given the spelling of “rediculous.”

  31. Jack Schuster says:


    You deal with scientific things, congratulations. Maybe you should become a teacher and go fill the young minds of Brookfield with information about Complex I activity in bovine pulmonary artery endothelium. You might actually contribute to society then. I don’t drink, but thanks for the suggestion anyhow.

    I t is a common response because it is usually the truth. Y’all are entitled to your own opinion, but don’t you have anything better to do?

  32. Get a life already! says:

    Hey Cindy!

    Check this one out…Joe Hennes strikes again!


    Looks like he is providing one meal a week to a family of seven while their dad is deployed in the red zone of Bahgdad, Iraq from that bar that he owns! It also appears a collection of random teachers are also preparing and delivering this family of an ultra conservative Republican State Representative a meal while he is deployed in Iraq…Can you believe it? Funny you guys missed this while you were googling teachers…looks like lot’s of them are helping out this family!

    I myself was in Joe’s bar to help support this “entrepeneur” out of gratitude for his patriotism and I ate a whole fish fry and consumed an entire root beer! I hope a video of me doesn’t wind up on the internet…it was a busy day at work and I got there late and didn’t have time to brush my hair! YIKES!

    Another time I saw a Brook East teacher and a Pilgrim Park teacher at the Alzheimer’s Run and another group of Elmbrook teachers volunteering at the Special Olympics! What is next…grocery shopping and using public restrooms?

    Hurry up and post that list of teachers who had the audacity to use their vacation days to go to the largest annual sporting event in Milwaukee…they probably take funeral leave too! Pay their taxes? Eat frozen waffles? From the looks of it Brett Bowers has a lead foot he should have got that list to you pretty fast!

    BTW…I have seen more Brookfield East kids drunk at summerfest (including some of you bloggers and your siblings) than I have seen Brookfield East teachers in any capacity…imagine that…teachers listen to music too…that is when they aren’t illegaly fishing!

    Hey heart boy…focus on your work and let go of high school hang ups or you will wind up old, bitter and find yourself starting a blog criticizing people who are trying to provide for their families and live their lives for no other reason than they are different from you!

    Imagine Brookfield East teachers, ride horses, fish, work second jobs to support their families, and help families of our soldiers , who, as I type are out fighting for the right for you people to gossip about people on-line!

    I would rather have some of these “wild” teachers studying the heart, most seem to understand what they are used for.

    OX and Peace

  33. The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks.

    Listen, all I did was provide a link to a public video and title it with a phrase that was used in that video.

    If it really bugs you then use your real name and we’ll hash it out. I don’t debate wimps with multiple grievances and no identity.

  34. Jack Schuster says:

    Dan, thanks for all your hard work. A scientist and a teacher, impressive.

    Get a Life, I did hear about Sloppy Joe’s helping out Senator Gundrum’s family and I’m glad you brought that to everyone’s attention. But no one wants to hear good things going on, they just thrive on the negative stories and the drama, funny how that works out.

    This whole thing is comical.

  35. Jack Schuster says:

    How so?

  36. Just a heads up but, jamie meulemans and mark adams are phy ed teachers at central, and mark adams is also the head coach for boys basketball

  37. Jack Schuster says:


    Thanks for clarifying that. Wish these people could get their facts straight.

  38. Tom, thanks. I could have sworn that came from the Elmbrook Schools site as East. I appreciate the help.

    Jack, you think the video was a miss, I think it was a fair find. We have a difference in opinion. That’s not a license to be rude to other readers.